The news according to which the annual meeting with the developers will not be held was immediately forgotten with the rumors that see Meta on the verge of launching various novelties in a Metaverse, token and NFT perspective.
Meta / Facebook: rumors on Metaverse, NFT, tokens and much more

Fresh from the cancellation of the annual event dedicated to developers, Facebook has ended up at the center not only of rumors about the usual features to be introduced in the future, but also about what turn out to be its most revolutionary projects.

The first novelty in Facebook regards the scheduling of his usual appointments. A few hours after ESA announced that it will not hold E3, a well-known event dedicated to gaming, the communication has arrived that even Meta, formerly of Facebook Inc, as already happened in 2009, in 2012 and in 2013, does not will hold the annual event dedicated to developers, the F8. The motivation, for Menlo Park, however, is not linked to the fears of the coronavirus but – as officially confirmed – concerns the desire to concentrate all the energies on projects concerning the Metaverse, a virtual interconnected dimension, made up of various worlds, on which the giant hi -tech seems to be aiming very much indeed. On the other hand, other appointments scheduled for 2022 are confirmed, such as the Meta Gaming Showcase (20 April) focused on AR and VR, the Conversatons (19 May) dedicated to messaging from a business perspective, and Meta Connect (scheduled for the end of the year). .

Moving on to future projects, after Twitter, it seems that Facebook is the next social reality to enter the world of NFTs. This is supported by the Financial Times which got its hands on a memo circulated internally. In the document in question, the debut of a pilot project for the publication and sharing of NFC on social media in blue is set for mid-May. Strictly speaking, everything should be accompanied by the test of a function for the minting of NFTs and another test, inherent in a function that “will allow membership in Facebook groups based on the NFT property”.

Still from the same document, other “digital” intentions on the part of Menlo Park would be inferred. Mark Zuckerberg’s company, in particular, would be working on something informally known as “Zuck Bucks”, probably tokens to be bought with real money, which can then be spent both in the various platforms of the company (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc) , as well – in perspective – in the Metaverse, in a way not unlike what happens in some famous video games (eg the Apex Coins of Apex Legends or the V-Bucks of Fortnite). In addition, Meta could also be working on a reputational token with which to reward users, in terms of merit, for the contribution offered to discussions in groups, a bit like it happens on some message boards in which users achieve a score based on of the thanks obtained.

Recently, Facebook has announced that it has moved the navigation options, and everything the user might need, to the left, effectively leaving the central part of the web iteration clear to the dismay of many. This, however, may not be the only great revolution on the part of social Facebook, should the findings of the leaker Paluzzi materialize, according to which Meta is working on a function that would allow Reels and short videos to automatically scroll through the feed. .


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