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Meta, new tools for creators to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is approaching eh creator more organized and attentive are already preparing special contents and ideas for tackling the period intense of the year. Videos, photographs, images, stories, Reels and much more are what they will publish on the platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. For this reason, Meta has decided to provide them all the tools they need to give vent to their creativity and to put their talent into practice.

I creator will be able to access new ways to promote your profiles and reach a wider audience, participate in beneficial programs and use stickers that allow you to generate revenue.

Meta, Christmas gift stickers to generate revenue

Users will be able to give Christmas gifts to creator, through a very simple method. It’s not about physical products or items, but about the possibility of guarantee him greater income through the use of stickers and virtual gifts theme. These will be active until the end of the year in various parts of the world, including Europe, Peru, Poland. Denmark, Germany, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Colombia and other countries.

For each virtual gift sent in the form of a sticker, a percentage is delivered to the creator. These are, therefore, small virtual donations, which can lead, in the case of people followed by large, active and loyal audiences, to significant revenues.

In order to use this feature during the Christmas period, i creators must have at least 5 thousand followers and use a professional account. In order to make the donation, users will need to configure a payment method for in-app purchases in the App Store, if you have an iOS device, or in the Google Play Store, if you have an Android device.

Christmas in Meta, the Holiday Bonus program arrives

To further incentivize i creator to create valuable, original and creative content, Meta has thought of start a special program that is accessed by invitation only. Is called Holiday Bonus and provides prizes for those who prove to be the best performers.

In detail, i creator they will be rewarded based on the number of views of Reels and photos during the pre-established period.

To help users reach a larger audience and maintain it over time, a new button will be added, subscribewhich will appear when a creator they will see the content made in the feed and that will help them follow influencers more constantly.

Through these new initiatives, Meta emphasizes the importance of original content and creatorsreal engines for social networks and capable of attracting more and more people to the platforms, and the intention of strengthening the bond with them as much as possible.

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