Meta: news for unmanipulated feedback and payments

The giant of digital interaction platforms, Meta, has announced the launch of various innovations, including some measures to make reviews more authentic and less manipulated / manipulated, and several changes for payments.
Meta: news for unmanipulated feedback and payments

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After the many innovations in terms of monetization for creators (e.g. Interoperable Subscriptions, by which it is possible to give subscribers on other platforms access to exclusive Facebook groups), Meta has performed a new round of announcements, this time concerning the world of feedback and payments (also from a Metaverse perspective).

The first big news of this Meta middle week concerns Facebook, which specifically has put pen to paper a change, for now entered into force in the USA, relating to the Community Feedback Policy, the rules that establish the precise limits on what is lawful. or not when giving feedback on products or services provided by companies. As shared by Menlo Park, it is now explicitly forbidden to engage in practices of manipulation of reviews, regardless of whether they are neutral, positive, or negative: in this regard, the social network, which required the help of simple users and companies in reporting suspicious feedback that it would be good to investigate, specified that, in the case of users guilty of this practice, we will proceed step by step, with the first violation punished by removing the feedback and, in case of repeated violations, also the possibility of the ban.

Likewise, borrowing the hard-fisted attitude already seen by Amazon towards some Chinese brands that sold accessories on its store by giving products or bonuses in exchange for 5-star ratings, even by Facebook towards companies that had engaged in encouraging the consent of users, even economically, in terms of spam, recommendations, judgments, with graphic or non-relevant elements, we will intervene in a severe and gradual way, starting from the impossibility of tagging the products.

No less important is what has been announced on the subject of payments. In this case, Menlo Park has announced the change of name of Facebook Pay in Meta Pay which, however, will continue to be the system through which users will be able to send money, make purchases, or try their hand at donations on platforms such as WhatsApp. Messenger, Instagram and Facebook. In addition, the establishment of a wallet for the Metaverse was also announced.

Considering that, in the future, it could be decided to bring some intangible items, created or bought, (e.g. music, digital clothing) from one service to another, the proof of their possession will be important and, consequently, the new wallet will put what you own digitally, how you pay for it and the digital identity of users in general are safe.


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