Meta: official news for Reels, Pride Month and WhatsApp (2 GB files)

The well-known company of Menlo Park has become the protagonist of several announcements, themed Pride Month, Reels, without however neglecting also WhatsApp, on behalf of which the roll-out has officially started to send documents up to 2 GB.
Meta: official news for Reels, Pride Month and WhatsApp (2 GB files)

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The parental company Meta, in the past few hours, has launched several innovations for its platforms and services, focusing on creativity (Reels), inclusiveness (Pride Month) and communication (WhatsApp). Here is what emerged.

The first round of news at Meta altitude concerns the Reels. Specifically, borrowing what TikTok itself has been doing for some time, it was decided, after a few months of testing, to offer everyone the possibility of creating 90-second Reels, adding another 30 seconds to the previous limit. Always in favor of the Reels, it was decided to give them some famous stickers that Meta, also on Instagram, was already using in the Stories: these are stickers for emojis, quizzes, and surveys, which should offer creators new ways to connect and engage. your audience.

On the audio side, Meta has announced that it has also provided a new option that, directly in the phase of creating a Reel, will allow the user to import their own audio: as known, the Reels are also present on Facebook, where they earn the voiceover that will allow creators to comment on the video they are making.

In order to allow the creation of more professional Reels, there are two other novelties. The first concerns the “Audio synchronization”, for which it will be possible, choosing a music track, to automatically synchronize your clip: secondly, the models / templates arrive, thanks to which you can take inspiration from the structure of a reel just seen in making your own. This will happen, under a given reel / Reel, with the Use as template option, which will then be completed with your own contents.

Finally, to help in the discovery of new Reels, Meta announced the following. In particular, the global implementation of the Reels suggested in the Feed and Watch has started on the Facebook social network: at Instagram, creators will be able to boost the expansion of their audience by suggesting their Reels on Facebook.

The second round of news concerns Pride Month. First of all, new themed stickers made by LGBTQ + artists arrive on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger: on Messenger, you will get special effects with words using the Pride Chat theme. In the Stories, both on Messenger and on Facebook you can customize the avatars and the avatar stickers: the implementation will last all year and will also expand on Instagram photo sharing where the reaction avatars function is available. Thanks to the collaboration with the musical (“big, black and queer”) “A Strange Loop”, winner of the Tony Award, will come an AR experience that, on Instagram, will guide the user through the audition process that is practiced on Broadway .

On the subject of VR, Meta has announced Pride Month-themed news in virtual programming while, in the Horizon Worlds environment, there will be conversations with the exponents of the LGBTQ + community.

The third news officially announced concerns WhatsApp. In this case, about a month after the announcement, Meta announced that it has gradually begun to remove the 100 MB limit from document sharing, which will now be possible to send up to 2 GB in weight. According to what emerged, the news could reach everyone via remote server activation: eventually, it is always good to be ready by installing the latest releases of WhatsApp which, on Android, bears the number and, on iOS, 22.11. 75.


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