Meta says goodbye to a tool to counter misinformation

Meta says goodbye to a tool to counter misinformation

CrowdTangletool used by Meta for data analysis and for counter misinformationwill cease its operations next August 14th.

The technological giant acquired this service way back in 2016, making it a point of reference for journalists and not only that, as it is useful for identifying fake news e misleading news spread on Facebook e Instagram.

The stop on CrowdTangle comes at a particular time, given that it will take place just before the next American presidential elections. The tool, it must be said, had caused some internal conflicts in Meta related to its use.

Despite this, it must be said that the company will certainly not end its commitment to fighting disinformation. In fact, CrowdTangle will be replaced by a new tool under development known as Meta Content Library.

As it turns out, this project will only be available to academic researchers, without the possibility of use by newspapers. CrowdTangle, compared to its spiritual successor, offered different possibilities to journalists. All this has raised several controversies among professionals who see themselves deprived of a useful means to do their job better.

Countering misinformation on social media? Goodbye CrowdTangle, welcome Meta Content Library

According to what was stated by Nick Clegg of Meta, the five months notice before project closure should allow people time to complete ongoing projects, and then look for suitable alternatives such as the aforementioned Meta Content Library (for those who can access it).

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is pushing users who do not fall into the categories that will have access to the new tool to rely on the functionality Insights Of Meta Business Suite or look for external alternatives.

Certainly, the closure of CrowdTangle in this historical period goes against the trend of the actions of the technological giants. In this 2024, especially in the context ofArtificial intelligencemany big names are taking precautions not to influence the electoral events of the coming months.

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