Meta: team dedicated to AI responsibility disbanded

Meta: team dedicated to AI responsibility disbanded

Meta announced the dissolution of his team Responsible AI (RAI), dedicated to the safe and responsible development ofArtificial intelligence.

From what was leaked through a report by The Informationthe social network platform intends to concentrate its resources directly on the management ofGenerative AI. This change of priority not only concerns the funds, but also the RAI members, redistributed to other projects according to Meta’s needs.

Despite this change of direction, the technological giant has underlined how important the development of this technology remains through a responsible philosophy, transparent, safe and respectful of privacy.

The RAI team had already been shocked by a profound restyling, which took place at the beginning of 2023. In that case, there had been talk of several layoffs relating to a project that had been active since 2019. It should also be considered that, with the incredible diffusion of the AI in the last year, however, big changes were foreseeable in this context.

Meta, RAI and the control of AI: a move that goes against the trend of world governments

The RAI was created to identify problems related to Artificial Intelligence, ranging from training regarding its use to the prevention of bad behavior and moderation on Meta platforms.

Certainly, the total dissolution of the team can be disorienting for those who fear the potential of AI. In recent months, in fact, almost all governments are taking action, creating regulations to limit any abuse of this emerging technology.

Il United States government, for example, has entered into agreements with companies operating in the sector, with President Biden subsequently ordering government agencies to develop appropriate safety regulations. Similar moves were also seen in UE.

A commission on the topic has also been established in Europe, entrusted to the former prime minister Giuliano Amato.

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