Some reports arrive from Twitter thanks to which it emerged the start of a test, on Instagram, to respond to the Stories through personalized avatars: this is how it all works, and what it could lead to.
Meta: the test for the Reaction by avatar to Instagram Stories has started

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Meta, the parental company former Facebook Inc, since last autumn – even with the change of name – has shown a certain interest in the Metaverse, a series of simulated dimensions in which to transpose the usual interactions, through avatars that represent users (currently subject to improvements in the realism of movements). An important step towards this goal passes through the massive creation of avatars by users, which Meta could reach thanks to a test just found.

Several users (including the Indian @pururajdutta), on Twitter, in the past few hours, have started to report how on Instagram a new way to respond to the Stories has appeared, now possible through an assortment of emojis: specifically, in the preparing to respond to a Story, users would have found themselves faced with a prompt that offered them two alternatives, namely that of the common “Emoji” (fire, laughing face, heart, sad face, face in love, applause, surprise face), and the new “Avatar” option.

By opting for this item, if you have not already done so previously, you will be led through various steps to create your own fully customized avatar which, in the end, will be declined in a series of stickers that can be used for the most disparate situations and answers, so that even non-VR users have access to the avatar solution as the “most important extension of their personality and presence” online.

In the hi-tech sector, the one just introduced as a test by Meta could pave the way not only for the construction of the Metaverse so coveted by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but also for the commercialization of digital objects.

In this sense, the well-known photo-sharing Snapchat has long offered, for now for free, the opportunity to customize their Bitmoji avatars (made available at the time thanks to the 2016 acquisition of Bitstrips for more than 100 million dollars) with outfits set up by Nike and Adidas, and it is not excluded that one day more exclusive customization options may arrive on the Evan Spiegel platform, for a fee. On the MMO Roblox, founded on virtual worlds, last year a virtual Gucci bag was sold for the hefty sum of $ 4,000. Real.


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