The second part of the week of the parental company Meta opens with a triptych of news, grappling with NFT announcements, live moderation and universal translator.
Meta: Universal translator in 200 languages, Community Manager for live shows, NFT across the board on Facebook

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Meta, once known as Facebook Inc, has announced a triptych of important innovations, including a new universal translator based on artificial intelligence, as well as some improvements for the Facebook social network, in the field of NFT and moderation of live broadcasts.

The first innovations fielded by Meta in this weekly turning point involve Facebook. It starts with the announcement of the Facebook product manager, Navdeep Singh, who announced some news that extend the application of NFTs to Facebook: specifically, users can create “personalized NFT” posts with the tag “digital collectibles” and, in addition, on the profiles there will be a section for the display of their NFTs: by touching one of these digital works of art, visitors will be able to read more details, such as a description, and see who is the owner and the author.

As explained, Facebook’s new function supports NFTs based on Ethereum and Polygon and blockchains. Like in a test in vogue in the USA on Instagram from May, the owners of NFT will be able to connect their social account with the Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet wallets to verify the ownership of the NFTs.

On the official blog of the social network,, the second news of the day was then made official, relating to the moderation of live streams. By borrowing something already introduced for live shows in the Gaming section and (from March) in those for Instagram, users can now delegate the moderation of comments during a live broadcast to a friend or colleague, naming him “Community Manager”, without having to have permissions direct access or administrative access to your page, being highlighted in its new role by a special badge visible to all. Note, Menlo Park said, that users who moderated live shows with moderator status will now need to be re-invited to the role as Community Manager.

Finally, a post by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg celebrated the creation of the open source translation system “No Language Left Behind” which, trained through one of the most powerful and fastest computers in the world (SuperCluster), thanks to its over 50 billions of parameters, is capable of translating into 200 languages ​​(against 133 of a similar Google project), making 25 billion translations every day through the Menlo Park apps, expanding the translations, waiting for the Metaverse, on Facebook, Instagram and Wikipedia.


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