An internal Meta memo revealed by the press agencies made it possible to ascertain how the employees of the hi-tech giant must expect hard times, with lean teams, without additional resources, working flawlessly on certain specific areas of intervention.
Meta warns employees: the coming months will be of ferocious difficulties

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It is no mystery that Meta, the Facebook parental company is in dire straits, with the admission at the beginning of the year of the first decline in active users in the history of the social network which has immediately produced tangible consequences, so much so that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed the 30% reduction in the plans for hiring new engineers (from 10,000 to 6 / 7,000) and anticipated the intention to increase the pressure on the achievement of objectives, firing or saying goodbye to those who are unable to achieve them because “realistically, we it’s probably a lot of people in the company who shouldn’t be here. “

A confirmation of these difficulties came in the past few hours, when the Reuters news agency shared an internal note sent by Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer (CPO), to the employees of the group, revealing that they must expect very tough next months, given that there will be fierce headwinds, which will require, in a context of slower growth, to work flawlessly, without expecting new budget entries (that is: you will have to act with what you have) or the arrival of new engineers ( which will result in lean teams that will do the work of more people).

The reason for these difficulties certainly derives from a general macroeconomic crisis, and from a sort of negative rebound towards hi-tech companies, after the growth phases during the two years of the pandemic.

However, a certain impact on Meta’s difficulties has also been assessed by the new privacy policies in the mobile environment (with the inevitable focus on the Tracking Transparency App, which asks users if they want to be tracked by apps, introduced by Apple on iOS) which prevented advertisers from easily reaching the specific audiences they care about, resulting in reduced investment and revenue for Menlo Park.

To reverse the trend, according to Cox, it will be necessary to intervene in various areas, investing in the Metaverse, accelerating the monetization of the Reels and the transformation of the social Facebook into a “platform with short videos”, investing in messaging and, “to analyze the habits and customs of members and thus provide analysts with useful data for user classification “, on artificial intelligence, without forgetting that efforts must also be made to” satisfy the new privacy rules “.


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