Meta: Zuckerberg security costs, update for Meta Quest

In the past few hours, some expense items communicated by the social media giant to the American SEC have leaked, which show the growing attention of the company, also engaged in updates on the VR side, to the safety of its CEO (and those around him).
Meta: Zuckerberg security costs, update for Meta Quest

Apart from the huge expenses aimed at guaranteeing the safety of its founder and CEO, Zuckerberg, Meta Inc has also allocated many resources to virtual worlds since, after the news of the past few hours relating to the purchase and sale of digital objects in the Metaverse, Menlo Park also reported a major software update for its Quest headsets.

The first news relating to Facebook in this launch of the middle-week concerns information officially provided by the social media giant in a document delivered to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), the American stock exchange supervisory body (a sort of Consob American): various interesting information emerges from the pages of the report, including some relating to the safety of the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Basically, it emerged that, compared to the 23 million dollars spent in 2020, in 2021 Meta, formerly Facebook Inc, spent 4 million dollars more, or almost 27 million dollars (26,823,060 dollars to be precise) for the safety of its top manager and his / her family, both in the residences and in the office (equipped with bulletproof glass and panic button) and during travel (increased year by year) with private jets. A chronology of the expenditure chapter in this sense highlights, waiting to verify the impact of the Facebook Files in the future, a crescendo starting from the Cambridge-Analytica affair.

Regarding virtual reality, Meta, engaged in the construction of the Metaverse, in the past few hours announced the new update, with the relesse V39, of the former Oculus Quest tool now known as Meta Quest which will begin to embrace the Menlo Park viewers in the next few hours. weeks, starting (with an increasing number of activations) from the popular and appreciated Quest 2.

The updates scheduled via changelog include the provision, now stable and no longer relegated to experimental functions, of the interface to combine two 2D applications in a multi-tasking perspective.Next month the switch between the apps will be simplified and the return to all ‘last application used but, in the meantime, in favor of apps with multi-instance support, as in the case of the in-platform browser, it is already possible to choose, by pressing the appropriate icon on the general menu, which window to restore.

Introduced in the V34 release of the Meta Quest platform, the Studio feature, which allows you to work in VR environments, within the settings, by turning to the “Virtual Workspace” tab, now provides an even more natural and quarrelsome simulated work environment, entitled “Mountain Study”.

Finally, the Oculus application for iPad and iPhone has gained the “Share To” function which, as long as the viewer has Bluetooth enabled (and therefore is obviously also on), will allow you to send content, such as links to pages, from your mobile device to your headset.


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