Microsoft adds native Ookla Speedtest to Bing

In 2016, Microsoft has quietly added a new feature to its engine Bing search. This allows users to test the speed of their internet connection by simply typing “speedtest” o “speed test” in the search box. This functionality allows you to open a widget which, once activated, displays various information regarding the connection, such as download speed e uploadthe latency, etc. After almost four years, the Redmond company has decided to replace the old service with Ookla. This is a popular web service providing free analyses internet performance. The new Speedtest experience is now available in the Bing search engine for all users worldwide.

Microsoft: a simple tool to analyze the internet connection from Bing search

Using the new Microsoft tool is very simple. Just like the previous tool you need to type the term “speedtest” o “speed test” on the Bing engine. In a few moments the widgets on Ookla on the page. Finally, all you need to do is click on the “Or”. With the new Speedtest integration, Bing users can easily and quickly measure the performance of their internet connection without leaving the search engine. This feature is especially useful for those who want solve problems of your network, compare different service providers or optimize your online activities. Bing aims to provide the best search experience to its users by offering convenient and reliable tools like

Ookla began offering its service in 2006. The company claims that every day users are effected approx 18 million unique tests. Furthermore, since the service was launched, users have made more 51 billion tests all over the world. In addition to the site, Ookla also offers dedicated Speedtest apps for Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, iOS, Android and also Apple TV.


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