Microsoft Admits: Services Down Due To Massive DDoS Attack

Cyberthreats, it seems, aren’t just a concern for individuals or small-to-medium businesses.

He knows something Microsoft which, as she herself admitted, was victim of massive DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial-of-Service) at the beginning of the month. If the Redmond giant, a few days ago, had spoken of a simple “accident”, now it has openly admitted the cause of the inefficiencies.

We’re talking about a cloud platform service outage Azurebut also of disservices related toOutlook email and to the app by OneDrive.

Microsoft had talked about technical problems but, in reality, it was a full-blown DDoS attack

What happened should not be underestimated: an attack on a cloud platform that is so used all over the world can cause serious inconvenience to users.

Microsoft is investigating the case even if, apparently, the attack has already been claimed. We are talking about a collective known as Anonymous Sudan whose statements appear to be confirmed by Microsoft itself.

The tech giant has confirmed that user data has not been compromised in any way, even if it has advised to adopt advanced defensive strategies to avoid the worst in any future attacks.

The Anonymous Sudan group is already known to security experts. It is hackers who, according to Bleeping Computer, are targeting countries that interfere with Sudanese politics or that they say promote anti-Muslim views. According to other experts, the group is actually linked with pro-Kremlin hackers Killnet.

Beyond that, it is clear that Microsoft was caught unprepared by a DDoS attack, certainly not a new or unknown threat on the network. Which is very worrying both for the company and for ordinary users.


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