Microsoft Attacks AI Lawsuit as ‘Apocalyptic Futurism’

Microsoft attacks the AI ​​case by calling it

The controversies and frictions between Microsoft e New York Times they seem to be far from over.

The Redmond giant, in a brief filed with the US District Court, attacked the NYT’s claims regarding the dangers of AI, defining them as “Apocalyptic futurism“.

According to what was reported by the English newspaper of Financial Timesthe NYT was the first major US company to denounce AI, reporting how Microsoft and OpenAI have abused millions of articles to create the databases they draw on chatbot. In fact, the New York newspaper openly accused that AI is based on copyright infringement.

Microsoft, through its brief, stated: “Copyright law is a big problem, just as it has been with VCRs, pianos, copiers, PCs, the Internet, search engines, etc.” and then underline how “Content used to train tools like ChatGPT does not replace copyrighted material“.

Microsoft attacks the New York Times, but the front against AI is growing

Microsoft’s lawyers argue that the copyright infringement case the news organization makes in its complaint is based on “Unrealistic suggestions“. The Redmond company, as well as OpenAI, claim that the NYT also “hacked” ChatGPT to produce copies of its articles.

For the company created by Bill Gates, the abuse of the chatbot by the NYT represents unique behavior, which does not correspond to the usual use of users. Therefore, the newspaper’s statements were branded as exaggerated, like a hypothetical “Apocalyptic futurism“.

However, it must be said that the NYT is not alone in its fight: also other US media, such as The Intercept, Raw Story e AlterNet, have joined this fight with lawsuits against OpenAI and other companies in the industry. In the coming months, in all likelihood, these conflicts will only increase.

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