Microsoft: Bing and Edge will help with purchases thanks to AI

The integration of artificial intelligence by Microsoft it is a fundamental step for the company’s current and future progress. Lately, users have had the opportunity to learn about all the news that they have concerned in this respect Microsoft Shopping.

Just during the last few days, the Redmond company would have officially announced the integration with the web browser Edge and with the search engine Bing. The aim is to improve and simplify the various phases that lead to the purchase of a product online. The user will be provided with some fundamental tools for product research, for learning about its characteristics and for the final purchase. This will be an important element in the shopping world, since the user will not need to refer to other websites.

Rollout of the update has begun in the United States, with rolling out to other continents over the next few months.

Microsoft Shopping lands on Bing and Edge: how it works

Speaking of the Bing search engine, the big news is in the buying guides. These are entirely dedicated to users and customized according to their habits. They provide them with the opportunity to find what they need even when they are indecisive. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, guides allow you to generate gods suggestions according to the various categories, also offering a comparison of various similar products.

It will therefore be possible for users to have even clearer ideas during the purchase phase. As mentioned, this novelty will have to wait for worldwide distribution, after which it will be available through the Bing sidebar on Edge.

Just about the browser, a function will come synthesis from the reviews. Having a general idea of ‚Äč‚Äčother users’ opinions will help your audience make a more accurate decision. After this process, Microsoft Shopping will take over and help you find the best price by comparing it to the previous ones.


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