Microsoft circumvents user choices and forces the installation of AMD and NVIDIA drivers

Microsoft often forces updates of its operating systems, it is certainly not new. An example is the 21H2 version of Windows 10, which is the latest iteration of the platform debuted in the “far” 2015 and close to being abandoned by the Redmond giant. But when this mechanism is applied even for third-party hardware drivers (such as GPUs from AMD and Nvidia) without respecting user settingsthen it becomes a problem.

Microsoft is ignoring user choices about updates

The automatic updates of Windows are aimed at ensuring the safety of users’ computers. The US giant wants its users to always feel safe, so it gives them patches and installs them without even bothering.

However, in addition to updates that bring new features, unprecedented security measures and so on, Microsoft also takes care of WHQL driver updates for third-party hardware components. For example, often update i driver AMD, NVIDIA e Realtek (just to mention the most common ones) with the version deemed the most appropriate. All by overwriting what is already on the PC, of ​​course.

There are ways for users to prevent this from happening, but it appears to exist un bug di Windows Update making them totally useless. And thus, in spite of your customized settings, Windows installs updates regardless. This is confirmed by a recent report on Twitter: the user @ghost_motley reveals – complete with screenshots – that the drivers of its GeForce RTX 3090 have been updated despite the “block”.

Windows 11 - Update driver NVIDIA

But in the end, what problems could an automatic download of updated drivers create? It is true that Microsoft’s tool should result in a benefit for users, but never trust 100%because the complication could be around the corner.

And the recent case of AMD GPUs, rendered unusable by Windows Update. In fact, as explained in this article, Windows 11 would be (erroneously) installing obsolete drivers of AMD-branded graphics cards that are not compatible with the AMD Software.

Source: Neowin


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