Microsoft Designer, how to start using it

Creating original and captivating content that manages to attract users’ attention is increasingly difficult. Using the right tools offers valid support for creation. Among these there is Microsoft Designer, a simple to use program and which allows you to quickly transform an idea into a finished project.

What makes this possible is the large number of tools that Microsoft Designer makes available to users and the presence of templates, easy to modify to your taste and according to your needs. This results in professional and personalized results down to the smallest detail.

Microsoft Designer it is based on artificial intelligence and uses DALL-E imaging technology. It allows you to get everything you want by inserting a simple description as input and in the format that best suits the content destination platform.

  • 1. Microsoft Designer, what it is and how it can be used

    Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered graphic design application. It allows you to create posts, digital postcards, graphics and everything that can be shared online and beyond. Through the software tools it is possible to transform ideas into projects and implement them in a very short time.

    Anyone can use designers, even those without design skills. Just get started describing your idea or providing a title. The application suggests a template to use or generates an original image. The latter are created using DALL-E, an artificial intelligence-based system that creates realistic images and drawings starting from a textual description. The results obtained can be astonishing, but if you acquire offensive or unpleasant content it is best to provide immediate feedback.

    Microsoft Designer is available to all subscribers to Microsoft 365.

  • 2. What you can create with Microsoft Designer

    There are many contents that can be created with Microsoft Designer. Some can be made professional presentationscalendars and planners, resumes and cover letters, Instagram stories, calendars, videos, certificates, invoices, LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts and Twitter headers.

    But it doesn’t end here. There are templates for Pinterest, for X (formerly Twitter), for invitations, for websites and much more. If you have particular needs, you can manually enter the dimensions of the visual content you want to create.

  • 3. How to get started using Microsoft Designer

    To start using Microsoft Designer, connect to the official service page and click Get started for free, register or sign in with your Microsoft account. On the page that opens you can enter a brief description of the project you want to create and view the suggested models.

    Alternatively, if you don’t like the suggestions or if you have clear ideas about what you want to achieve, you can start working on a blank sheet of paperpersonalized the work down to the smallest detail.

    You can generate an image with DALL-E technology by clicking on the item Generate image. The more detailed the description, the more precise the result is. The resulting images can be used in a template or to create a project without suggestions.

    Your own images, present within the device that you are using, can be used to bring projects to life and be inserted into the suggested templates or on a blank canvas. If you want to upload a file from your smartphone you must use the QR code that Designer displays on the screen once the feature is activated.

    Work carried out recently can be modified furtherdistorted or perfected through the tools at your disposal.

  • 4. Customize the design, the tools available to the user

    In addition to the possibility of change the chosen model or apply a new one at any time, Microsoft Designer offers a series of useful tools to modify the project and realize your idea.

    Yes they can upload files from your device, from your phone, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Google Photos and insert them into your project. New images generated by AI, photographs made available by the program, graphics (different types of shapes, lines, backgrounds, frames, illustrations, icons and more) and videos can be applied to the worksheet.

    About the project you can apply text of the size and font you want. You can choose to use the proposed texts and customize them according to your needs.

    It’s possible build your own brand kituseful for creating stunning images for a brand, company or organization by receiving AI-based suggestions and relevant to brand colors, formats and fonts.

    Once you’re done, you can download the image, copy it, or send it to your phone. You can select between different file typesamong which PNG, JPEG and PDF stand out.

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