Microsoft Edge: The AI-powered theme generator is coming

Microsoft Edge: The AI-powered theme generator is coming

It is not breaking news that Microsoft is among the companies that are most integrating theartificial intelligence in its services. Among those offered by the Redmond giant, the browser Edge it is certainly one of the most popular and it is no coincidence that it is updated with a certain consistency to offer users all the news they may need.

And if for some days it has already been possible to communicate with the Copilot chatbot from the browser sidebar, soon – again thanks to the powers of AI – it will be possible create new themes to make the experience even more personal.

Microsoft Edge: an AI theme generator is coming

According to what is reported in the section of the Microsoft website dedicated to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the browser will soon make available to users an AI theme generator.

Through the latter it will be enough to write a textual prompt to generate a series of images which will then personalize the theme. The Edge frame will also change, because the tint will reflect the dominant color of the generated image.

Microsoft Edge

As for the business environmentsIT managers will have the ability to disable or limit the use of the theme generator through the appropriate policy (“AIGenThemesEnabled”).

Microsoft Edge will include an AI theme builder, which will allow users to enter a text prompt and generate a series of images to preview as browser themes. Applying the theme includes setting the generated image on Edge’s ‘New Tab’ page and applying the image’s dominant color to the browser frame. Admins can restrict access to this feature using the AIGenThemesEnabled policy.

Although there is currently no date available to circle on the calendar, according to the information shared by Neowin, the launch of the AI ​​theme generator is scheduled for June.

This is not the first time the tech giant has offered a similar feature. As some will probably remember, a similar tool for meetings on Teams was introduced in January this year (although this possibility is reserved only for Premium subscribers).

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