Microsoft finds a clever way to insert more ads into Windows 11

Microsoft finds a clever way to insert more ads into Windows 11

Microsoft is working on a new way to add advertisements to the menu Start Of Windows 11.

According to what was claimed by Windows Centralthe tests carried out concern a particular strategy defined as “app promotions“. These advertisements should be integrated into Recommended section and, although these are advertising contents, for less savvy users they could pass for integrated software in the operating system.

A sort of almost harmless “trap”, which however marks a turning point as regards the company’s advertising policies. Several users revealed the intentions of the Redmond company Xincluding a certain one PhantomOfEarth3 who published a rather eloquent screenshot in this regard.

New ads in Windows 11? It should actually be easy to turn them off

Despite this, it must be said that this new way of advertising by Microsoft offers some simple loopholes.

Passing from SettingsCustomizationIn fact, these ads seem to be easy to deactivate.

According to the aforementioned user PhantomOfEarth3, this introduction already existed in some previous ones build beta of Windows 11 even if it was not known as app promotions.

Why is Microsoft forcing such an invasive fix? On the economic side, adding these new ads in Windows 11 would significantly increase Microsoft’s revenue.

This introduction which is not very appreciated by users, in reality, is also accompanied by implementations that are much more useful for consumers. The recent release of Windows 11 Moment 5for example, represents a very interesting upgrade.

On the other hand, other very less than comforting news also arrives from Microsoft, such as the farewell to support for app Android from 2025.

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