Microsoft has no doubts: the new Windows Arm laptops superior to the MacBook Air M3

Microsoft has no doubts: the new Windows Arm laptops superior to the MacBook Air M3

Apple launched its latest generation laptop, the MacBook Air M3. Tests and reviews have confirmed that the latter is one of the portables more performing on the market today thanks to the (usual) optimization which characterizes the devices of the Cupertino company. It can be done better? According to the rival Microsoft the answer is “yes” and the demonstration will come with theupcoming range of Windows on Arm devices.

Microsoft confident about the future: its Windows on Arm laptops will guarantee excellent performance

In a recent study published by The Verge we read that “Microsoft strongly believes that the next range of Windows on Arm laptops will surpass Apple’s MacBook Air M3 in both performance and AI operations”.

The Redmond company refers to laptops in the pipeline that will be able to count on the family of Qualcomm Snapdragon. 2024 is therefore destined to become the year in which Qualcomm chips will overtake Apple Silicon? According to Microsoft’s words, it seems so.

Microsoft Surface

To find out all the details on the new Windows on Arm laptops you will have to wait until 20 maggio, the day of an event to be held in Seattle and which will also see AI in the list of protagonists. Based on information shared by The VergeMicrosoft will focus precisely on the comparison with the MacBook Air M3 to show how its new laptops are superior in performance.

Demos with practical examples should not be missing. «Microsoft believes so much in the new Qualcomm processors that it is preparing a series of demos that will show how these chips are superior to Apple’s M3 in performance, AI tasks and even app emulation“, it is read. «These new AI Windows PCs will provide faster app emulation of Rosetta 2, the binary translator that Apple uses on its Apple Silicon Macs to translate apps compiled for 64-bit Intel processors».

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