Microsoft hires former Meta exec to bolster AI projects

Microsoft hires former Meta exec to bolster AI projects

Microsoft wants to play a leading role in the new sector ofArtificial intelligence and, to stand out among the many other technological giants, it is looking for experts in the sector. Precisely for this reason, the Redmond giant has hired the former Meta manager Jason Taylorwho thus joins the team of supercomputing IA of the company.

Yesterday a post appeared on LinkedIn in which Kevin ScottMicrosoft’s CTO, confirmed that Taylor will take on the role of corporate vice president to help the company move beyond current AI technology frontiers.

On the other hand, Taylor’s past speaks clearly: he held the role of vice president of infrastructure for the Meta company, remaining linked to the company dal 2009 al 2022. Furthermore, as reported by his own LinkedIn profile, he has dealt not only with AI, but also with data management and of theprivacy infrastructure from his previous company. A prominent name therefore, which promises to give Microsoft a further boost in this revolutionary context.

Kevin Scott and more: Microsoft is pushing the accelerator when it comes to AI

Beyond the personnel issue, which is essential for Microsoft to keep up with its many competitors, the company will also have to deal with problems related tohardware.

According to an article proposed by The Information, Microsoft and OpenAI are developing a strategy to build a sort of $100 billion “supercomputer”. The project, baptized Stargateshould be leveraged to power OpenAI models.

While Microsoft has denied such intentions, it remains clear that the hardware node could be of critical importance to the continued development of AI or a stalled era in the evolution of that technology.

In the meantime, the company is also working on the present. In fact, Microsoft recently presented a new system to avoid hallucinations of AI, a problem increasingly felt by those who work daily with AI chatbots and similar systems.

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