Microsoft increases revenue by 18% thanks to AI investments

Microsoft increases revenue by 18% thanks to AI investments

That the IT giants are focusing heavily onArtificial intelligence, investing resources and money, is now clear to everyone. But is this type of bet really paying off?

Apparently, at least as far as it’s concerned Microsoft, the answer is yes. The gradual integration of AI into the Redmond company’s ecosystem is, in fact, bringing the first rather encouraging results.

Above all thanks to investments, in fact, the company estimates based on the second quarter of 2024 a 18% increase in turnover every year. The quarter in question, in fact, is bringing the IT giant into the coffers 62 billion dollars, a record for the company. According to Microsoft’s CFO, that is Amy Hoodthe integration of AI is now a cornerstone of corporate strategies.

The key element in this area, as seems logical, is the partnership with OpenAI. Microsoft, in fact, has heavily invested in Sam Altman’s company, being able to count on rapid implementation of AI in products such as cloud Azure and not only.

AI investments? Record numbers are expected for Microsoft and Copilot

Precisely the collaboration, according to the data revealed, has allowed a quarterly increase in subscriptions to Copilot of the 30%. Numbers that surprised Microsoft itself.

The partnership, in fact, has allowed the virtual assistant to become a fundamental tool for support in the workplace and beyond. For Amy Hood, the company is still ready to expand investments, especially in the cloud context, following user requests.

Despite some recent misadventures, such as the cause of New York Times in fact, compared to Microsoft and OpenAI, this combination currently seems to be a point of reference for the development of this very advanced technology.

Precisely in this regard, many are eagerly awaiting the commitment of Apple in the context of AI which, according to some recent statements, should not be that far away.

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