Microsoft is the most valuable company in the world: overtaking Apple for a few hours

As it should be, of Apple e Microsoft we mainly discuss the hardware and software innovations that are churned out month after month and those that are still in the pipeline. However, given their image as giants of global technology, there is also talk from time to time of capitalization, of value.

Well, in these first days of 2024, a significant overtaking was recorded. Those from Cupertino and Redmond are the companies that have been competing for the title of for years company with the largest capitalization in the worldand for a few hours (on January 11th) Microsoft has managed to overtake its rival. In particular, the overtaking occurred when Apple’s share price fell by just one percentage point, bringing the market cap just below $2,870 billion. Flexion that allowed the company led by Satya Nadella to conquer the highest position on the podium with a value of 2,888 billion dollars (+1,5%).

It’s head to head between Microsoft and Apple

What happened in these hours is certainly no coincidence. Microsoft’s advance is the mirror of recent growth, very rapid and driven by investments in artificial intelligencenow incorporated into productivity software and even the operating system (Windows 11).

As far as Apple is concerned, we certainly cannot talk about a crisis but it is known that in the last few years there was a slight weakening in demand of virtually all of its devices. Even the iPhone, historically the flagship product of the Californian company, has recorded not so stunning results (especially in China). And the uncertain period of the Apple Watch, at the center of a dispute in the United States of America, should not be underestimated.

At the time of writing this article, Apple – a company that in the past has exceeded 3 trillion dollars in capitalization – has once again taken possession of the top spot. However, the situation is uncertain, and it would be more correct to talk about a real head-to-head for the conquest of Wall Street. And between the two, the most popular would seem to be Microsoft.


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