Microsoft OneDrive: a totally new graphical interface is coming

Microsoft OneDrive: a totally new graphical interface is coming

Microsoft plans to launch a revamped design for its cloud storage service, i.e OneDrive. In fact, by the end of February the new interface should be available to all users of the service.

The new solution should bring OneDrive to a much closer aesthetic solution Windows 11 compared to the past. Despite this, the new interface should also offer concrete advantages on the practical side, with a simplification that could make it more accessible even to less experienced users.

We are talking, among other things, about one file search mode with selection through any users with whom the content has been shared, very useful for those who work with colleagues on the same document.

Among the new features, there are also gods new file filterswith the possibility of selecting different extensions and therefore different types of documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint o PDF).

Not just the graphical interface: here are the changes expected for OneDrive

The implementation of the “ button is also appreciableAdd new” (Add new), which will allow you not only to upload a file present locally, but also to start creating an Office document from scratch. In fact, it is a single button compared to the two separate ones currently offered to the user.

The news, for the business users, they don’t stop at the simple interface. In this context, in fact, Microsoft talks about offline support, optimized loading times and other possible introductions.

According to Miceile Barrett, product manager at Microsoft “This is both a visual and functional update designed to help you quickly access your files and keep your content organized in more ways“, then specifying how “The improved visual design reduces clutter and distractions, allowing you to focus on what’s important: your content“.

OneDrive already got a major update last October but, apparently, Microsoft is focusing heavily on this tool and its development.

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