Microsoft removed Teams integration from Windows 11

Windows 11 it is at the center of a period of change, also as regards some aspects defined as fundamental. According to the latest rumors, in fact, Microsoft is preparing to permanently remove the integration of Microsoft Teams from the platform.

Just two years after the announcement, the rumor “Chat” integrated into Windows seems to be at the end of the line. As the leaders know, the integration will be replaced by a more flexible and free version of Teams, which is currently available as an application in Windows 10.

Microsoft’s announcement came in the changelog of a new test build this week.

Chat diventa Microsoft Teams – Free

Microsoft senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc said “Chat” will officially become “Microsoft Teams – Free” starting with the release of the new build.

This new version will default to your system tray, just like the previous app, but with the opportunity to remove it like all other shortcuts.

Microsoft Teams Chat Windows 11

In fact, it should be remembered that the Chat integration has until now been a default setting, blocked on the Windows 11 taskbar. The only way to remove it was to go to the operating system settings.

Despite the solicitations, Microsoft has not yet commented on the reason for the removal of the integrated app. One of the main reasons could concern the limitation of Chat to the consumer environment only, inexplicably leaving out the vast majority of users, notoriously coming from the business. It is not excluded that Windows 11 users may end up with two versions of the application, one dedicated to business calls and one to personal ones.

Microsoft’s decision is inexplicable for many, given that several new features had been added within Chat in the last few months. At the same time, however, the renewal process seems clear, given that the choice in question comes immediately after the company’s decision to end support for the voice assistant Cortana.


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