Microsoft Store improves to help discover new apps and games

The commitments of Microsoft to improve your digital store are obvious to everyone. After opening to apps open source and other improvements made over the past few months, the developers are working on again Microsoft Store.

At present the service, once opened on any PC Windows, offers a combination of pre-installed apps and free software recommended to the user. In the near future, however, the Redmond giant plans to offer an improved user experience, based precisely on the discovery of new apps and games.

To confirm this objective is Rudy HyunMicrosoft’s Principal Architect for the Microsoft Store, says the tool’s interface will be reorganized giving less priority to what’s already installed on the device in favor of new programs.

Although these changes are still in the testing phase (Huyn himself speaks of one Beta version) and reserved for users Windows Insiderwe are talking about a couple of weeks for its actual implementation.

Microsoft Store, apps already installed will have less priority: that’s why this is good

The change to the Microsoft Store represents a huge opportunity for emerging developers.

In this way, in fact, it is possible to have greater visibility even for additional apps little known o niche while, until now, only the most popular software enjoyed such an important showcase. On the other hand, it must also be said that showing the apps already present on the computer has, in many ways, a little use.

At the same time, it must be said that Microsoft has already intervened in the past on the store to integrate a system based onArtificial intelligence regarding the summary of all reviews of a certain software.


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