Microsoft Store: You can now try games without downloading them first

An interesting new feature is about to be introduced in Microsoft Store Of Windows 11.

In an attempt to make the platform more appreciated by users, the company is implementing the possibility of trying the games present without necessarily having to download and install additional software.

Microsoft Store has one bookshelf of games is quite large, both in terms of free productions and paid software. However, the need to download and install titles can be a hindrance for gamers.

However, all this is destined to change, thanks to some games (for obvious reasons you shouldn’t expect triple A titles) that can be tried on the spot, without any type of download or waiting. These will be found in the section Collection in the Microsoft Store, which can be found by clicking on the tab Games of the platform.

Apparently, the titles that fall into this category, these will be indicated through a logo with an orange lightning bolt.

Microsoft Store: with Instant Games no download and installation

As reported by Windows Latest, Microsoft has partnered with numerous developers to make instant gaming a reality. In this regard, it seems that there are titles that will be able to take advantage of this function 69although the intention is to expand this catalogue.

The introduction of the so-called Instant Games is not immediate and, at the moment, only some users have been able to try out this new feature of the Microsoft Store. Apparently, the titles have a minimal impact on system performance but, for obvious reasons, they also present commercials. Apparently, most titles allow you to save the progression of the game when the app is closed.

The introduction of instant games will be gradual and, within a few weeks, they could be available to almost all users. Although these are not titles capable of exciting the most experienced gamers, this introduction from Microsoft is ideal for filling a few minutes of free time.


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