Microsoft Teams: Added a new group chat feature

Microsoft Teams: Added a new group chat feature

A new feature introduced in Microsoft Teams could make the video calls improvisations much easier and quicker to organise.

We’re talking about functionality Meet nowwhich allows you to start a group chat without the standard procedures for making an “official” call, complete with email invitations.

To be able to start a meeting in this way, users must open the group chat in question, then selecting the appropriate item (present at the top of the screen). Once the call is started, all members of the group will be able to see that a meeting is in progress and, by choosing the Participateit will be possible to access it.

Meet now is certainly not something revolutionary, given that similar features have already been available for some time on platforms competing with Teams, such as Google Meet e Zoom.

The Teams Meet Now button is an idea that has already been applied for some time on Google Meet and Zoom

According to Microsoft, the Meet Now button is currently only available in the desktop environment. The function, with unspecified timing, will however soon be available for any type of platform and type of account linked to this service. This means that this function will be accessible regardless of type of individual accounts (whether corporate, school or private).

The challenge between the aforementioned Meet and Zoom continues, with the Microsoft tool which in this case seems to be forced to chase its counterparts.

Despite this, it should be remembered that some implementations are making the app very competitive. The integration ofArtificial intelligencewith the arrival of Copilot, has made Teams an even more interesting and modern tool. At the beginning of the year, however, the integration of the service in the context of Google Auto: a notable convenience for many users.

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