Microsoft Teams is all new on Windows and macOS: it's twice as fast

The attention of the tech community is currently focused on Google’s new hardware and Android 14, but there is also important news from Redmond. Microsoft has in fact released one new version of Microsoft Teamsthe messaging platform used mainly by companies and students and teachers for distance learning.

The new Microsoft Teams is twice as fast and boasts a completely new design

According to the company led by Satya Nadella, the platform was rebuilt from scratch to make it even faster and easier to use, both on Windows and macOS. The new version of Microsoft Teams it’s up to twice as fast and even uses 50% less memory compared to before. And this is excellent news, because there are many who use the chat service on desktop computers and laptops with a few years too many years under their belt.

Microsoft Teams - Riunione

The performance improvements were possible thanks to the abandonment of Electron technology in favor of that one Edge WebView2. Microsoft has also moved into the library React JavaScript and completely revamped the design of Teams by embracing the design language known as Fluent.

Although it has been in testing for months, only with the official release has Microsoft added some features. We’re talking about personalized line-of-business applications, meeting rooms, 7×7 video, PSTN calling, contextual searches in chats and channels, and so on.

The new features are an exclusive of the new version of Microsoft Teams, therefore all companies that intend to use them must download the update. However, no migration is required, so just a few clicks will be enough to start the download and installation.

Microsoft Teams - Copilot

The new client also hosts Copilot, the AI-powered virtual assistant. It can be used, for example, to summarize the content of a meeting and carry out certain actions in just a few steps.


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