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Microsoft Teams, the new AI functions for video calls

The discussion onartificial intelligence is becoming central in many areas from “simple” entertainment up to the productivityinvolving dozens of different applications, all equally powered by these synthetic intelligences.

There is certainly one of the brands that are investing the most in this sense Microsoft which has already implemented various AI features for its da products in the past months Microsoft 365 a Bing and until we get to the same thing Windows 11.

The latest idea from the Redmond giant concerns Microsoft Teams with a new feature for “decorate” the background during video calls. Here’s what it’s all about.

Microsoft Teams, the new AI features

If there is one thing that the months of smart working post-pandemico have taught us all is that video calling platforms are an essential tool for communication effectively with your work team.

Generally these meetings are scheduled and scheduled days in advance but it is not uncommon that they can occur almost without warningwithout giving the user even time to make themselves presentable, let alone if there is time to tidy up the house.

And it is for this reason that Microsoft decided to implement in Teams the new and very useful function for decorate the background behind one’s back by exploiting one’s own generative artificial intelligence.

Very simply, the algorithms developed by the Redmond company they analyze the background during calls and improve it, covering all imperfections and, in some ways, “dressing it up” with a whole series of objects and decorations (also seasonal) useful to hide any messy rooms.

Not that this system can exempt people working from home from tidying up their home office, but it can still be a valid ally in the event of unexpected video calls.

Furthermore, Teams will also receive additional features in the near future isolate the voice during the call.

According to initial statements, in fact, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence will be able to “focus” on the speaker’s voice, recognizing it and completely reducing background noise so as to always guarantee clear conversations without interference.

The setting, always based on the data available, should be able to filter all ambient sounds even in particularly crowded environments, guaranteeing optimal sound performance.

When new Teams features arrive

The new Teams feature was officially announced in keynote Ignite 2023 where many interesting innovations have found their place, again based on AI and naturally associated with Copilot.

As for the function to decorate the background during video calls, it should arrive in exclusive to Premium accounts during 2024.


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