Microsoft throws up its hands: we didn’t want to take Chrome’s data

Microsoft throws up its hands: we didn't want to take Chrome's data

For months users have been reporting a strange anomaly with the browser Edge. Microsoft navigation software, pre-installed in Windows and now removable from Windows 10 and Windows 11 due to the Redmond company’s obligation to adapt to the provisions contained in the DMA (Digital Markets Act) European, he “took possession” of the navigation data and of cards open in Chrome.

In other words, even without having requested thedata import from the Google Chrome instance present on the same machine, Edge appropriated them by showing them to the user through its interface. The acquisition of data in Edge without authorization seemed to be due to the presence of a bug: in fact, it happened even when the option Import browsing data every time you launch the browser was disabled.

Microsoft fixes the problem: Edge no longer imports Chrome data without consent

The Redmond company has not officially confirmed the existence of the problem. However, examining the contents of the release notes of the most recent version of Edge, the intervention applied is now obvious.

Edge has a feature that offers an option to import browser data at each start from other navigation programs, with the user’s consent“, we read in the brief position statement. “The status of this feature may not have been synced and displayed correctly across multiple devices. We solved the problem“.

Translated, Microsoft claims that due to a bug which evidently persisted in Edge for several versions now, the option to synchronize browsing data and open tabs didn’t work as it should. Hence the behavior repeatedly complained about by many users.

Let’s get out of the crowd of the “ill-thinking”. In this case Microsoft’s intention was certainly not that of transfer to Edge information without the authorization of those directly involved. However, Mozilla recently wanted to shine a light on the behavior of Microsoft, Google and Apple which constitute a real impediment to the diffusion and correct distribution of Firefox. The initiative is called Platform Tilt.

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