Microsoft’s agenda isn’t just AI: the latest announcement in the gaming sector is sensational

Microsoft's agenda isn't just AI: the latest announcement in the gaming sector is sensational


Microsoft is among the companies that are pushing the most onartificial intelligence, as also confirmed by the latest announcements both in terms of hardware and software. However, the Redmond giant is not concentrating its forces solely on AI, on Windows 11 and on the rivalry with Apple, on the contrary it also wants to show its muscles in other areas, such as gaming.

Sony continues to dominate the console market with its PlayStation 5 and is unlikely to lose the throne, but on the other side there is the team Xbox di Microsoft, which can count on a service that – especially after the announcement of these hours – can move the needle. Confirming what recent rumors have suggested, the US company has announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6the next chapter in the popular franchise, will be available on day one on Game Pass.

«We’re excited to confirm that Game Pass subscribers will be able to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 on day one», writes Megan Spurr, Senior Community Lead, in the short press release accompanied by a first trailer. And for anyone wondering, yes, the announcement concerns both Xbox and PC.

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 - Day One Game Pass

The news is of some weight, since the Call of Duty franchise it is among the most loved of all. The fact of being able to play Activision’s new shooter right away (in the Microsoft stable from 2023) can attract a large number of users and, consequently, boost sales not only of Game Pass, but also of the two latest generation Xbox consoles .

Will Microsoft Increase the Cost of Game Pass?

However, there are doubts. In fact, many people ask what is convenient for Microsoft insert the new COD into the Game Pass on day one, considering that each chapter – on average – sells around 20 million copies at 70 dollars each (79.99 euros in Europe). A monthly Game Pass subscription costs 14.99 euros (in Europe), a very affordable price given the catalogue.

In short, there are only advantages for users, but what about Microsoft? From this perspective it cannot be discarded an increase in the price of the subscription servicenecessary to make the Game Pass a proposition sustainable in time.

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