Midjourney victim of a botnet-style attack: what happened?

Midjourney victim of a botnet-style attack: what happened?

In the past few days Midjourneyto deal with a cyber attack, took a rather drastic decision: ban all the employees of the rival company Stability AI from your service.

The graphics generation platform via Artificial intelligencein fact, would have suffered a style attack botnet and, according to the relevant investigations, the probable person responsible would be an employee of Stability AI.

As explained by the company’s spokespersons, the person attempted to collect a series of images generated by Midjourney in bulk, but was detected due to the anomalous amount of generations requested. The alleged culprit, in fact, exploited several people paid accounts to force the system to generate a huge amount of content.

Why this behavior? Cataloging a large number of prompts and related generated images could be very useful for facilitate the training of a rival model.

Midjourney and Stability AI: the two CEOs seem to want to collaborate to resolve the thorny case

According to reconstruction, the attack occurred around midnight last night 2 March. As a result of massive demands, Midjourney has undergone abreak in generating images of 24 ore.

Following this invasive action, Midjourney has decided to change its policies, inserting a specific entry in the documentation provided to users. Here, in fact, a sentence has been inserted that reads “Aggressive automation or suppression of service results in the exclusion of all employees of the responsible company“.

After Midjourney’s position was taken, the response came from Mother Mostaque, CEO of Stability. Mostaque stressed that whatever had happened, it was not his company’s intention to harm rivals. On the other hand, also the CEO David Wood he tried to tone down the matter, stating that he had sent information to the other party to carry out any internal investigations.


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