Minisforum unveils the new ultra-compact HX90G computer with AMD or Intel

In anticipation of launch next month, Minisforum has raised the curtain on a new compact space-saving computer, in the guise of the HX90G, with recent Intel or AMD processors, even dedicated GPUs, and an active thermal disposal system.
Minisforum unveils the new ultra-compact HX90G computer with AMD or Intel

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The pre-orders for the B550 Mini model have started, the Chinese brand Minisforum has unveiled the upcoming arrival (in pre-order on the official website from next month) of another compact computer, with the name of HX90G, powered by the Windows 11 edition operating system Pro.

Equipped with a volume of just 2.8 liters, the compact Minisforum HX90G computer does not skimp in heat dissipation: in this regard, the manufacturer has provided a thermal disposal system including two low-noise smart fans even at full workload. liquid metal applied both on the CPU and on the GPU, and of 7 color tubes, divided between 3 in support of the processor and four that monitor the graphics card.

Such accuracy in thermal management allows the HX90G mini computer to be able to operate at 100% load without losing performance: the latter will initially be entrusted to AMD Ryzen 9 processors, or to APU with Cezanne architecture explicit or in the 5900HX model. or in the 6900HX iteration. In both cases, an AMD Radeon RX 6650M graphics card will be provided: in the future, then, the configuration updates will also embrace Intel, with its new 12th generation processors, up to an i9-12900H, bringing discrete AMD GPUs as a couple. (i.e. dedicated).

For the memories, two banks of 8 GB each of dual channel DDR4 RAM are provided, although the SODIMM slots can comprise a total of up to 64 GB maximum: the M.2 SSD storage via slot 2280, with the PCIe interface, reaches 512 GB but, if necessary, you can use the expansion slot for another SSD (with PCIe 3.0 or SATA interfaces). There is no shortage of connections, Bluetooth and dual band Wi-Fi, integrating a special card in the M.2 2230 slot.

The ports of the HX90G miniPC include two Display Ports, as many HDMI (with support for 4K @ 60Hz video), a USB Type-C, a 3.5 mm combo jack, and an RJ45 for Gigabit (2.5) LAN: in front there is a USB 3.1 1st gen, while on the back there is a USB 3.2 2nd gen. The power supply, at 19V, will ultimately refer to a 260W adapter.


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