Minisforum unveils the upcoming NUCXI5 and NUCXI7 miniPCs

Ahead of the world premiere set for next month, the Chinese brand Minisforum has pre-announced two new miniPCs, the NUCXI5 and NUCXI7, with Intel Alder Lake H45 processors and option for Windows 11 Pro (if not barebones).
Minisforum unveils the upcoming NUCXI5 and NUCXI7 miniPCs

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A few months after the launch of the Venus UM560 model, the Chinese brand Minisforum is preparing to launch, over the next month, two new miniPCs with the name, respectively, of NUCXI5 and NUCXI7, animated by Windows 11 Pro (in the case of choice with the storage already mounted).

Aesthetically, the two miniPCs NUCXI5 and NUCXI7 measure 80 x 260 x 394 mm, in the name of a very thin chassis that can be easily held vertically on the appropriate base: on the side stands the suggestive skull that has always distinguished the products of the agency. In terms of interfaces, there are three USB 3.2 Type-A, a 3.5mm combo jack for headphones, an SD memory card reader, and an RJ45 for 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet.

Thanks to the HDMI port and Thunderbolt 4, you can connect two displays at the same time. Note that the Thunderbolt 4 port can also be used in a gaming key, perhaps to connect a box (in the style of Asus ROG XG Station 2) with eGPU (external graphics card).

Continuing in the range of common specifications, the future Minisforum NUCXI5 and NUCXI7 miniPCs will be able to go up to 64 GB of dual channel DDR4 3200 RAM and will have two PCIe M.2 2280 slots for SSD: the NUCXI5 model will mount an Intel processor of the Tiger Lake H45 series family: this is the hexacore (4.5 GHz in Turbo Boost) with 12 threads i5-11400H, with a 12 MB L3 cache, flanked by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Mobile GPU which, based on the Ampere GA106 chip, it is equipped with 6 GB of reserved GDDR6 memory (ipso facto not subtracted from RAM).

Also in the NUCXI7 the elaboration elements announced in the course of 2021 make their debut, with a leap in performance for the CPU and GPU. For the first component, the octacore with 16 threads i7-11800H is stationed, with 24 MB of L3 cache and a maximum clock frequency of 4.6 GHz: for the second component, the choice fell on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Mobile graphics card , still equipped with 8 GB of GDDR6 graphics memory, with 256 bits as the memory bus.


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