More powerful laptops for games, 3D graphics, multitasking and programming

Expensive laptopsWhen we buy a new laptop, we often focus on the products with the best price without paying too much attention to the technical characteristics indicated on the sales label or in the descriptive box.
Even if it is possible to buy some good laptops at prices which are by now negligible (even less than 300 Euro), they are unlikely to be used in more advanced scenarios in the workplace or if we have to program.
In order not to find yourself with a good laptop just to watch movies in streaming or to chat on Facebook, we will show you in this guide the most powerful laptops we can buy, expensive but still with sustainable and not prohibitive prices if you want the best.
In this way we will have the certainty of buying a Powerful laptop as a fixed PC, but with the characteristics of lightness and portability that is expected of such a device.READ ALSO -> Portable PCs to play: which to choose

1) Technical features

To be able to distinguish from the tide of notebooks on sale, we will have to make sure that the devices that we are going to examine have the following features:

  • – AMD (Ryzel) or INTEL (8xxx series) modern multi-core CPU
  • – At least 8 GB of RAM
  • – SSD of at least 256 GB
  • – 13.3 or 15.6 inches LED screen
  • – Windows 10
  • – Autonomy for at least 7 hours
  • – Wi-Fi dual-band AC
  • – Bluetooth

With these features, we will have the certainty of purchasing advanced products, with the power necessary to run any type of program and to carry out any work activity.
Obviously we can also find other unique features within the various laptops; in the second part of the guide, we will show you some of the products we can buy by focusing on the qualities of each one so that we can choose the right laptop for every type of requirement.

2) Buying Guide

In this section, we see some good laptops that respond to the features shown and sold online.
We can also find laptops in electronics stores or at the supermarket, but we advise you to buy on secure online sites for the benefit of the guarantee (we can always give it back if something doesn’t convince us or if it gets broken).

  • Huawei Matebook D
    Huawei DThe Huawei MateBook D is probably the notebook with the best value for money, as it is not too expensive.
    This notebook has a matte IPS LCD display with Full HD resolution, excellent in all light conditions; the processor is AMD Ryzen R5 2500, which guarantees power and great energy savings since it always exceeds 8 hours at full load; as a very welcome addition we can take advantage of the integrated GPU Radeon Vega 8, able to withstand the hardware acceleration better than the other integrated solutions (we can also start some games in HD); complete the equipment a 256 GB SSD is 8 GB of RAM.
    We can view this product here -> Huawei Matebook D (699 Euro)
  • Asus Zenbook UX331UN
    Asus ZenbookAnother laptop that deserves attention is the Asus Zenbook UX331UN, an extremely light notebook that has enviable power.
    It has a Full HD LED display with high color rendering and advanced management of brightness and color temperature with technologies Asus Splendid is Asus EyeCare; as a processor we find the Intel Core i7-8550U Kaby Lake R, to perform any type of calculation without sacrificing battery life and quietness, supported by 8 GB of RAM and a large 512 GB SSD.
    We can view this product here -> Asus Zenbook UX331UN (1077 Euro).
  • HP Specter x360
    HP SpecterIf we are looking for a laptop with a refined design, ultra-thin and with innovative features, we must consider the HP Specter x360.
    This laptop has a 13.3 ″ FullHD display with multi-touch capability (and dedicated stylus), IPS technology, WLED backlight, and a very thin frame, for a large viewing angle.
    If we want to focus everything on a quality monitor (able to make even much more expensive solutions look dull), it’s better to focus on this model!
    The Intel Core i5-8250U processor Kaby Lake R is added to the advanced screen, 8 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD and a battery-powered by 10 hours of battery life.
    We can view this product here -> HP Specter x360 (1089 Euro).
  • Dell XPS 13 9370
    Dell XPSDell has always been synonymous with quality, especially for laptops intended for use in the business (they are durable and very powerful).
    The XPS 13 9370 shown in this guide, which features a 13.3-inch Full HD display with InfinityEdge technology, which reduces the edges to the bare minimum giving a unique viewing surface.
    As additional technical features, we find the Intel Core i7-8550U CPU, well 16 GB RAM, a 512 GB SSD, original Windows 10 Pro e license record autonomy, with 13 hours for navigation in normal use and 10 hours for intensive use.

    We can view this product here -> Dell XPS 13 9370 (1647 Euro).

  • Huawei MateBook X Pro
    Huawei XA very high-end laptop that we can consider is the Huawei MateBook X Pro, which has several innovative features. Indeed it is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops on the market (1.46 cm x 1.33 kg), presents a 91% screen to frame ratio and a fabulous one highly responsive 3K (3000 x 2000 pixel) multi-touch display. To this, we add a Core i7-8550U processor, a dedicated Nvidia GeForce MX150 video card, a 512 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM and a declared 10-hour autonomy with normal use. We can view this product here -> Huawei MateBook X Pro (1699 Euro).
  • OMEN by HP
    Among the most powerful notebooks ever produced we certainly find those designed for gaming, which has the power to completely replace fixed computers.
    Among these is the OMEN series from HP, which has a 15.6 “FHD IPS screen, Intel Core i7-8750H processor, 32 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, Audio Bang & Olufsen and Windows 10.
    We can view this product here -> OMEN by HP 15-dc0021nl (2299 Euro).
  • Alienware 15 R4
    Still, in the category of extremely powerful laptops, we also find the Alienware, a monster able to offer really a lot of power, to the point of very well replacing any type of fixed PC.
    The model we recommend has an Intel® Core i9-8950HK processor, a 15.6 “FHD screen, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of hard drive plus 512 GB of SSD, Nvidia GTX 1070 video card with 8GB GDDR5X and Windows 10.
    We can view this product here -> Alienware 15 R4 (2769 Euro).
  • MSI Laptops
    msi laptopThe MSI laptops are the best for gaming, always designed to equip them with the latest models of the video card (Nvidia GTX) and processor (Intel i5 or i7), with backlit keyboard, spatial appearance, 8 GB minimum memory, 1 TB hard drive and 128 GB SSD for the operating system.
    You can choose the MSI handset from the catalog on Amazon, starting from 1000 Euros.

3) Other guides

If we are interested in buying an Apple laptop, we advise you to read our dedicated guide to buy a latest-generation MacBook.

Looking for alternatives to Apple MacBook Pro?
Then we refer you to reading the guide to laptops available here below.

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