More powerful NFC by 2028: big news on the way

Technology NFC it is now a must on all smartphones and also on devices such as smartwatches and smartbands. Especially in recent years, more and more users have used it for rapid and contactless communication between multiple devices, especially as regards digital payments. However, the performance standards have not changed dramatically since it’s been available. Over the years there has been talk of wireless charging via NFC, then officially landed. Today, however, we talk about five key initiatives to be implemented by 2028 for Near Field Communication. What is it about?

The roadmap for the future of NFC

The technology in question must improve: this is the conclusion that emerges from the last note published by theNFC Forum, the association born in 2004 that deals with the management of the standard. To do this, a well-defined roadmap is needed, also approved by representatives of Apple, Google, Huawei, Qualcomm and other companies in the tech world.

The five priorities are as follows:

  1. NFC wireless charging needs to be more powerful: currently this recharge offers up to a maximum of 1 Watt of power, while in the future it will have to reach a maximum of 3 Watts
  2. Increase the range: today the wireless connection between devices takes place at very short distances. In the future, according to the NFC Forum, NFC could support distances 4 or 6 times greater than the current one, potentially reaching even 2 centimeters or more
  3. Modernize communication between devices: introduce POS functionality between smartphones, to allow companies and individuals to receive payments anywhere
  4. Multiple Purpose Tap: Feature that will enhance the contactless experience by supporting multiple actions with a single touch
  5. Expanding NFC’s capability share the data formats necessary for sustainability: Enabling technology to share data about its composition and ways in which a product can be recycled, helping to meet evolving consumer demands and regulatory requirements, as well as contributing to a healthy circulatory economy

The roadmap will be presented to the public during a webinar tomorrow, June 27, 2023. For now, the available data is only present in the NFC Forum.


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