More than Inflection: When AI becomes a shoulder to cry on

More than Inflection: When AI becomes a shoulder to cry on

When you think about theArtificial intelligencein 2024, the names that come to mind are many and range from ChatGPT a Gemini until Copilot.

All these assistants, however, are “cold” chatbot with whom it is impossible to have a certain empathy. Going against the grain is a less well-known platform than the previous ones, but no less interesting.

We are talking about Pi Of Inflection, a chatbot that, unlike its peers, has a strong propensity for emotional support. The same name as this project (short for Personal Intelligence) is quite exhaustive in this sense. Yesterday, Thursday 7 March, Inflection announced a new version of its LLMthat is to say Inflection-2.5.

This, according to its creators, will be able to rival GPT-4. Compared to GPT-4, however, the new version of Pi promises to use only the 40% of hardware resources compared to the competition.

Inflection-2.5 allows you to perform real-time web searches and other typical chatbot tasks, but is much more “friendly” in some contexts. As described by its creators, Pi can help the user prepare for an exam, but also discuss current affairs or, more simply, discuss a hobby. Although devoid of emotions and feelings, moreover, this AI was developed specifically for listen e provide useful advice.

Pi by Inflection is the first chatbot capable of creating empathy with the user

Test in hand, the chabot responds to a user who says he is angry, sad o depressed. It does this by trying to demonstrate its closeness, suggesting concrete measures to be taken depending on the emotional state of the person using it.

Pi can, for example, recommend doing activities like yoga e joggingor to focus on relaxing activities such as painting. This empathetic approach is in stark contrast to other chatbots which usually tend to maintain a certain distance from the user and her emotional state.

This new philosophy, it seems, is proving Inflection right. We’re talking about one million active users every daywith conversations that on average they last 33 minutes. Data in hand, it appears that the 60% of people who interact with AI for the first time return to interact with it in the following week.

Pi is a completely free service, available on Android, iOS it’s yes websitecurrently only in English.

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