Most affordable and reliable internet home offers ADSL or Fiber

What is the best offer to have the internet at home considering all the rates of the main Italian ADSL and Fiber operators


Fiber offers To understand which telephone operator should have at home for high-speed Internet, in this guide we have realized a comparison to understand who is the best for coverage and speed, with an eye to price (we will always try to show you the cheapest offer available).
Among the various telephone operators there are some with a better reputation, there are those with offers for those who want to save money, there are those who ensure a faster Internet connection and those that suffer more frequent technical problems.
Let’s find out together the best operator for each reference parameter, so that we can really choose the best operator based on our needs.

Best Internet home offers

To make an informed choice we have divided the guide into chapters, each of which examines a different parameter with which to carefully evaluate which operator to rely on.

Best operator for coverage

The fixed Internet in Italy rotates for the most part on TIM (formerly known as Telecom Italia), the former monopolist of the telephone network.
Although the liberalization of the telecommunications market has extended the possibilities and offers available to users (in particular with fiber optic offers), However, TIM remains the owner of a large part of the network infrastructure which is often rented by other operators in order to offer both ADSL and FTTC (fiber to the cabinet).

When this happens the line speeds could be very variable (in ADSL it is always very slow, while in FTTC the results vary depending on the area) and in case of problems it is necessary to pass by a TIM technician to solve them. We talked about this distinction in the article on how to check network coverage with various operators, which is certainly the stage from which to start before choosing which subscription to subscribe.

TIM therefore remains the most efficient choice in terms of coverage, even if it is certainly not the cheapest. Keep in mind that, if there is network coverage with TIM, there is also with other operators that, even if less reliable, can save a lot too.
The operators that immediately place themselves behind TIM for coverage on fiber optics (FTTH) are the following:

  1. Fastweb
  2. Vodafone
  3. Wind
  4. Tiscali

Focusing on one of these operators we will save something in absolute terms (lower price per subscription, as in the case of Wind and Tiscali) or in relative terms (no exit cost and no time constraint, as in the case of Fastweb). Vodafone has good network coverage but the prices are high, in line with those offered by TIM.

Best operator for connection technology

If we wish to activate a new line up ADSL technology, better bet on Wind to save as much as possible and have a good ADSL (even if the speeds will still be very low compared to other technologies).

If instead we have to focus on a connection Mixed copper fiber (also known as VSDL / FTTC / FTTS), we check if we can get one good offer from Fastweb or Wind, so as to save and benefit from TIM’s speed by paying much less.
At this point the choice becomes entirely personal and, I believe, in this article we have really examined every aspect and every factor of distinction.

If instead we want to point to one FTTH connection, all operators are fine if there is coverage, since in any case very high speeds are reached; if we want to save money we suggest you try Fastweb, which offers a fast fiber with highly competitive prices and with no exit or activation costs.

On the offers, we refer you to our specific items:

  1. ADSL Internet at home with TIM
  2. Fastweb rates for ADSL and Fiber Optic internet offers
  3. Vodafone offers for internet at home ADSL and Fiber
  4. ADSL and Fibra Infostrada Offers (Wind)
  5. Tiscali offers and internet rates at home

Best operator for Internet speed

If we want to choose our new operator based on connection speed, better to divide by technology all the operators seen so far:

  • ADSL: in this area the fastest is TIM, even if saturation is now present in many cities and you don’t travel to more than 7 Mega per second in many scenarios.
  • FTTC: here the TIM network reigns supreme, given the use of leased networks by other operators. With the cabinet compatible with FTTC we get speeds between 50 and 300 Mega per second in many cities, even small or remote.
  • FTTH: for the lucky ones who can have the fiber in the house, all the operators offer the possibility to reach the 1000 Mega per second, with very few points of difference between the various operators. One is as good as other advanced technologies!

In this regard we send you to read our guide VDSL, FTTC and FTTH fiber: which differences and which is better?

Best ADSL offer

If we want to activate a promotion to have ADSL at home and spend very little the cheapest ADSL offer is Wind ABSOLUTE.

With € 25.99 per month (blocked price) we can activate ADSL up to 20 Mega (in reality they will be much less, with an average of 7 Mega), unlimited calls to any landline number.
There is no modem in the offer (which we will have to buy separately), but we will immediately be placed in the best possible technology: if we have FTTC or FTTH at our address, we will have access to higher connection technologies at this price.

If instead we want to focus on quality and assistance, we can take a look at TIM’s offers, which are more expensive than Wind.

Best offer Mixed Fiber Copper (FTTC)

To get more speed without spending a fortune we must focus on FTTC technology, which guarantees great compatibility since we will not even have to change the phone socket and a really interesting speed (up to 200 Mega). From this point of view the FTTC connection can be offered on the operator’s dedicated line (not very widespread), or offer on the TIM network for rent (most likely scenario).
The best offer in FTTC that we can subscribe with a dedicated TIM network is Fastweb Casa.

At a cost of € 27.95 per month we will have unlimited internet up to 1 Gbps (in case of FTTH coverage), unlimited calls, modem included in the price and without any hidden costs or duration restrictions. If we do not have FTTH coverage we will be redirected to FTTC, still achieving good connection speed in the majority of scenarios.

If interested in other FTTC offers, we refer you to the Vodafone and Wind offers page.

Best offer Pure fiber (FTTH)

In order to have the best Internet connection we will have to focus on FTTH connections, that is the real optical fiber that reaches home and replaces copper connections. This type of technology gives speeds up to 1000 Megabits per second and often the cost is identical to that of the FTTC, only the activation costs change (since we will often pay for the intervention of the technician, who will place the fiber inside the house).
Currently the best offer for FTTH is TIM SUPER FIBRA.

At € 29.90 per month we will have FTTH fiber up to 1 Gbps, Modem and Tim Vision included in the price, even if this type of offer binds customers from 2 to 4 years with heavy penalties and very high withdrawal costs (they take back all promotional discounts obtained).

If we want one FTTH line without restrictions and without hidden costs, we will have to focus on Fastweb offers, where, however, the coverage is lower than TIM.
For those who want to save as much as possible we can always focus on Wind offers, if we are covered by their FTTH network.

The best operator without a telephone line

Besides these there are also other companies that offer Internet subscriptions wireless, but they are to be taken into consideration only if your home is not covered by TIM, ADSL is too slow or we cannot switch to one of the fiber offers. These operators take advantage of the dedicated WiMax or LTE antennas to make the Internet arrive fixed without having to have a fixed telephone line active.
The best offer for this category is that of the Linkem operator.

At a cost of € 19.90 a month (for the first year) we will be able to take home an Internet connection without a landline, without traffic limits and a maximum speed of up to 30 Mega speed, with modem included in the price. In this case we will also have to place the Linkem door on the roof or on the balcony, in order to pick up the operator’s signal (exactly as if it were a mobile cellular network).

Other Internet offers without a telephone line can be found at Tiscali, EOLO and Cheapnet.


How we got to see an offer that makes everyone happy does not exist: if we have FTTC or FTTH coverage, we should aim at Fastweb or TIM to have a good connection speed and good support, while to save money we will have to focus on Wind or Tiscali.
Vodafone does well in every scenario, but its policy of hidden costs and very heavy constraints make it the least convenient in the long run.

To learn about the best offers for FTTC or FTTH technology, we refer you to reading our guide to Best Optical Fiber: coverage verification and offers
We have seen in other similar guides how to measure the true speed of the Internet and above all how find the fastest operator in your area.


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