Most comfortable type of keyboard for working and playing on the PC

Comfortable keyboard Although the technological evolution of computers has brought about touchscreen screens, physical keyboards still remain, after many years, an integral part of IT and an indispensable piece for every computer. Generally the keyboard is given as a gift or bought together with desktop PCs and often no attention is paid to the type of model or its characteristics.

However, since the keyboard is essential for carrying out most of the functions of a Windows PC, it is worth finding out What types of PC keyboards existwhat differences are there and which ones you can buy to write more comfortably, play and work.

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1) Types of computer keyboard

The keyboard of a normal computer is made up of approximately 110 keys arranged according to four different layouts in use throughout the world: QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ and HCESAR.
In mechanical keyboards, each key is made of a pair of plastic pieces that intertwine like scissors. When you press the key, the two pieces flatten each other and touch a particular point which sends the signal to the computer and which is received by the driver on the system. PC keyboards can be different based on use: for games, for the internet or for multimedia applications.

We saw in another article what are mechanical keyboards and differences with normal keyboards underlining the main advantages of this type of keyboard is the speed of response and the physical sensation of pressure.

PC keyboards they can have diverse form for a better one ergonomicsthey can be wireless and connect to the computer WiFiBluetooth or connected via cable with USB or PS2 socket and, in both cases, they can have the key backlighting. Wireless keyboards are very convenient, although they run on batteries that need to be recharged and may not work when the computer starts to enter the BIOS. The leading manufacturers in the sale of keyboards are Logitech and Microsoft which obviously produces keyboards optimized for working with Windows.

2) Small and comfortable keyboard

The best small and comfortable keyboards to carry with your laptop and/or when traveling are:

  • Perixx PERIBOARD-432: mini USB wired keyboard, X-type scissor keys, large print and Italian layout.
  • Zienstar: mini wireless keyboard with 2.4GHz wireless support, USB receiver, Italian layout and silver color.
  • CHARACTERS Keyboard Wireless PC: wireless keyboard for Windows and Android Smart TV, Italian QWERTY layout, silent keys, ultra-thin design and gray color.
  • Dierya Tastiera da Gaming: 60% mini mechanical keyboard, Clicky mechanical switches, Ice Blue backlight, Type-C port, 61 Anti-Ghosting Keys and compact design.
  • Logitech K380: multi-device Bluetooth keyboard for Windows and Apple, Bluetooth connection, compact design, Italian QWERTY layout and various colors available.

3) Gaming keyboard

If we are looking for a gaming keyboard here is a valid list of products to view:

  • EMPIRE GAMING – Kit MK800: QWERTY (Italian-Layout) RGB 105 gaming keyboard, 19 Anti-Ghosting keys, mouse pad, RGB 2400 DPI Gamer mouse and compatibility with PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One/Series Mac.
  • MSI Vigor GK20 IT: ergonomic gaming keyboard with RGB backlighting, wrist rest, multimedia hotkeys, 12-key anti-ghosting, water-repellent, ideal for gaming and office, Italian layout.
  • Trust Gaming GXT 834: compact TKL mechanical keyboard, Italian QWERTY layout, Outemu mechanical switches, rainbow wave lighting, USB connection.
  • Logitech G213 Prodigy: wired gaming keyboard with LIGHTSYNC RGB, backlit keys, customizable keys, dedicated multimedia controls, and Italian layout.
  • Logitech G PRO TKL: mechanical gaming keyboard with GX Blue Clicky Switch, LIGHTSYNC RGB, Portable Tenkeyless design, designed for e-sports, removable micro USB cable and QWERTY layout ITA.

4) Professional keyboard

If we are looking for a professional keyboard (to use in the office) we can choose one of the following models:

  • Trust Ody: Full-size wired keyboard, QWERTY IT layout, silent keys, spill resistant, 1.8 meter USB cable and PC, laptop, Mac compatibility.
  • Logitech K120: wired business keyboard for Windows/Linux, USB cable, silent keys, anti-splash, curved space bar, PC/Laptop compatibility and Italian QWERTY layout.
  • Logitech K280e Pro: Rugged professional keyboard with spill-resistant reinforced construction, plug-and-play USB cable, LED notification center, keypad and compatibility with any operating system.
  • Logitech Signature K650: Great keyboard with palm rest, wireless connection with Bluetooth BLE or Logi Bolt USB receiver, soft keys and numeric keypad.
  • Logitech Ergo K860: Ergonomic keyboard with curved and split design, improves typing posture, connection via Bluetooth or with the included USB receiver, connection of up to three devices and, with the push of a button, we can change from one device to another.


By choosing a small, gaming or professional keyboard we will be sure of being able to type comfortably on our desktop PCs or notebooks without tiring the wrists and tendons, speeding up writing times especially if we use the keyboard for work (in gaming we will instead obtain greater precision in the commands).

To learn more we can read our guides on how Change keys (remap) or disable them on your computer keyboard It is on Why a mechanical keyboard is better than a normal membrane one.

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