With a view to the upcoming summer, Soundcore has announced the arrival on the market of the new Motion Boom Plus speaker, equipped with a power of 80W, and an autonomy of 20 hours.
Motion Boom Plus: Soundcore's new portable speaker is official

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Now emancipated from the parent company Anker, the Chinese brand Soundcore, which in unsuspected times has also launched itself in the smart glasses segment, has announced the imminent arrival on the market of its new 80W Motion Boom Plus portable speaker.

The new audio entertainment device enjoys immunity to dust and water according to the IP67 standard, which allows it to also be used on the beaches and poolside: on the other hand, the integrated handle and the integrated handle contribute to its portability. shoulder strap, on the other hand removable. Based on titanium drivers “educated” according to BassUp technology, in order to ensure powerful bass, the Motion Boom Plus integrates two 3.5-inch woofers each, with 30 watts of power per unit (for a total of 60), flanked by two passive radiators that open laterally to the right and left, with the aim of expressing the bass notes in the best possible way in any musical genre.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has also provided two 1-inch tweeters in the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus speaker, credited with a power of 10 watts per unit (for a total of 20 watts), such as not to be overlooked, with all the richness of possible details. , those high frequencies that characterize string or wind instruments, dance music, or the voice.

Capable of receiving music from the source via Bluetooth 5.3, the Motion Boom Plus speaker can meet the needs of those who need a larger music stage, or even just a stereo listening, by combining from 2 to 100 compatible speakers (including Rave Party Cast, Flare 2, Trance Go, Soundcore 3) via the Party Cast 2.0 function. On the other hand, those looking for a “tailored” sound tailored to their listening needs will certainly be reassured to know that the product in question boasts an equalization function via the companion app Soundcore.

The battery, sized at 13,400 mAh, allows you to get up to a maximum of 20 hours of playback, so that you can play your favorite music from dawn to late sunset, but it can also act as a power bank to charge other devices. According to the company’s plans, it will be possible to get your hands on a Soundcore Motion Boom Plus speaker from next May 30, both on Amazon and through the official store, at the price of 179.99 euros, scaled to 149.99 euros by joining right now to the pre- orders upon payment of a symbolic deposit of 1 euro.


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