Motorola, here is the smartphone that rolls around the wrist

For some time Motorola is proving to be an expert in producing foldable smartphones. The latest RAZR has shown that it can compete for example with Samsung, more precisely with the famous Z Flip, but now the situation takes on even more futuristic contours.

The company would have decided to create a new alternative smartphone format. In fact, a new one was presented yesterday concept of foldable phone. Motorola showed a device that at first glance has the shape of a very common smartphone, but which is capable of bend over depending on the surface on which you adapt it.

It is in fact possible to fold it around the wrist, almost as if it were a huge digital bracelet. In this case it’s probably best to take a look at the pictures to understand the concept.

Motorola, here is the new folding concept: the technical specifications

Motorola, here is the smartphone that rolls around the wrist

During his Tech World, Motorola has unveiled this new smartphone which is currently only a concept. The future will most likely be full of such ideas, but the famous company will be able to boast the title of pioneer.

Thus, the concept of an adaptive display was born, more precisely a panel pOLED flexible and 6.9 inches of breadth. This can be used either flat, as if it were the display of a normal phone, or folded into multiple shapes.

Motorola, here is the smartphone that rolls around the wrist

As already mentioned, it can also be rolled around the wrist as if it were a smartwatch of unprecedented dimensions. A solution like this could come in handy for a few hours fitness or for pure convenience, when you will need your hands for other tasks.

A new era is therefore about to open for the world of mobile telephony. It is opened by one of the companies that once started the first telephones, Motorola itself. We will see some good ones in the near future, perhaps starting from the first months of 2024.


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