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Motorola working on the first flexible wrist smartphone

Among the many new features seen at Lenovo Tech World ’23one more than others has attracted the attention of users and professionals: lo Flexible wrist smartphone.

The idea comes directly from an old project which, after a few years of silence, has even returned to show itself with a two-minute video.

In this clip, you can see the ambitious device Motorola (purchased by Lenovo in 2014) which, optimistically speaking, could really go much further the simple prototype and arrive on consumers’ wrists in the near future.

Here’s what we know.

How Motorola’s wrist smartphone is made

It was 2016 when Motorola, during the Tech World 2016, showed the world the flexible wrist-worn smartphone for the first time, which consisted (and still consists) of a display OLED flexible which can bend backwards to wrap the appropriate wrist support maintaining, of course, all the classic features of a smartphone.

Naturally, after 7 years, technology has made giant strides and this new prototype, at least from the video, seems to be much more flexible, also eliminating the (decidedly not very reassuring) noises which, at the time, had made viewers doubt the actual feasibility of the project.

The 2023 version, however, despite being still rather incomplete bodes well in this regard and could make a difference in a sector still totally unexplored but which, in fact, could be full of interesting opportunities for smartphone manufacturers.

However, from what was shown at Lenovo Tech World ’23, we see that the flexible smartphone (made in a eye-catching orange fabric) closes perfectly around the user’s wrist and without suspicious noises.

At the moment there are no indications on the functioning of this system but, probably, the company will opt for one magnetic attachment al metal bracelet to prevent the (probably very expensive) device from flying away at the first movement of the arm.

Clearly it is early to think about these “particulars” but, when the time is right, they will probably represent an issue that Motorola will have to resolve.

Finally, when the device comes attached to the wristpersonalized images or a kind of large dial may appear on the screen, transforming the device into a kind of smartwatch to allow users to use the device in this position as well.

When Motorola’s flexible smartphone arrives

Despite the two minutes of video and the apparently impeccable functioning of the prototype, Motorola’s flexible wrist smartphone remains, in fact, just a prototypestill far from being brought to the market.

At the moment, therefore, there is no way of knowing whether this technology will ever see the light of day or whether it will remain locked in a dusty closet in the offices of Lenovo/Motorola.

For now, the brand seems interested in the project, after all, if it has continued to work on it over the past seven years, this technology could really have positive implications in the future.

It is also true that in another seven years things could be radically different and we don’t know if in the future Lenovo Tech World 2030such a project may still be interesting or if the technology has taken a radically different direction.

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