Mozilla Monitor Plus, new service for deleting personal data online

Mozilla Monitor Plus, new service for deleting personal data online

Mozilla unveiled a new subscription service that monitors and eliminates personal information online.

Mozilla Monitor Plusthis is the name of the tool, is capable of identify any data breaches (more and more widespread nowadays) and to report them through notifications specifications. Furthermore, it also allows you to carry out specific scans to identify which sites have this valuable information and how they use it.

The tool in question allows you to carry out a free test scan, with some additional features through subscription. In this regard we talk about $8.99 per month or an annual subscription, for $107.88.

Mozilla Monitor Plus goes to monitor 190 data brokers

Mozilla requires some information so it can scour the Web for potential data leaks. We are talking about name, surname, address, date of birth e email address.

These, once collected, are encrypted and used exclusively to have a point of reference during the research phase. According to the company, Mozilla Monitor Plus is capable of targeting more than 190 data broker sites: a huge number when compared to similar services active on the market so far. Platforms of this type are increasingly widespread, in response to the perception of increasingly fragile online privacy.

Despite this, acting manually to request the deletion of data from data broker sites is a rather cumbersome procedure and, with the tool proposed by Mozilla, it offers a quick and automated solution.

Second Tony Amaral Kinotproduct manager of the service “When we launched Mozilla Monitor, our goal was to help people discover where their personal information may have been compromised. Now we’re announcing Mozilla Monitor Plus, which will help people recover their data from data broker sites that try to sell exposed data“.

At this time the service is only available to US residents United States although, in the near future, it will probably also be available in the rest of the world.

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