Mozilla, the first AI functions for Firefox are coming

Artificial intelligence now plays a key role in all sectors and, even when we talk about browserthese tools can make a difference and bring many very useful technologies into the hands of users improve web search.

The latest program that is embracing AI is Mozilla Firefoxthe famous browser is in fact about to receive many new features but will close or downsize other divisions of the company, with the consequent dismissal of dozens of people. Here’s what we know

What changes for Mozilla

According to what is shared by the site TechCrunchMozilla has some “strategic corrections” in mind in the coming months which, inevitably, will lead to the closure of some projects and a reduction in investments in various sectors.

From what we read, the reductions in the budget will concern Mozilla VPN, Firefox Relay and a paragraph referring to Online Footprint Scrubber which, with a good chance, will concern Mozilla Monitor.

The company is also closing down as well Mozilla Hubsa kind of 3D virtual world that saw the light in 2018 and which, in some ways, followed the idea of ​​the metaverse launched by Meta. In fact, according to rumors, the famous browser had just such a project in mind but, apparently, it decided to put the idea aside to focus on something else.

Of course what Mozilla wants for the future is generative artificial intelligencewith the decision to welcome just such a tool into Firefox.

Moreover, rumors about this had been in the air for some time and with the acquisition of Fakespot (a company that uses AI to identify fake reviews of products for sale on the web) and its subsequent integration into the services already offered by the beloved browser.

At the moment information on the company’s projects is rather vague, but the closure and downsizing of these projects means that, most likely, the company intends to focus its efforts (and its money) on creating a AI chatbot e maybe follow the path already taken by the competition like Microsoft Edge con Bingfor example.

What future for Firefox

From this little information, therefore, it is clear that Mozilla wants to return to focusing 360° on Firefox, further improving the browser and making it more “in step with the times” and in line with new consumer needs which, increasingly, include artificial intelligence.

Having said this and although with very few confirmed indications, the hope for the future of the browser is that, truly, the company will be able to implement a reliable and functional AIperhaps even making it open sourceso as to further strengthen the community of Firefox enthusiasts who have trusted this browser mainly oriented towards privacy since its inception.

At this point, therefore, all that remains is to wait for the company’s official communications which, given the importance of the project, will certainly arrive soon.

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