MSI 2022: RNG, T1, G2 and EG in the Semifinal

Mid-Season Invitanional 2022 rumble stage closed with a victory that allows G2 to return to breathe not so much for the qualification as for the morale and the lost mental in the 3rd and 4th day.
MSI 2022: RNG, T1, G2 and EG in the Semifinal

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Phase two ends with one of the clashes that, on paper, already tasted like a final. T1 beat the RNG thanks to an irrepressible Zeus (Toplaner) but this was not the only emotion that the stage 2 of this MSI gave us.

Before going to view the Recap of the 5th (and last) day of the Rumble Stage, please note that the semifinals (Knockout Stage) will be played on Friday 27 and Saturday 28, when the 4 teams will compete in a Bo5 (Best of five / Best of 5 matches) with single elimination to decide who will access the final which will take place on Sunday 29.

Recap Day 5 Rumble Stage

The Saigon Buffaloes come out with their heads held high and return to Vietnam with more experience and perhaps even with the regret of not having “woken up” earlier. Disappointing performances in the first few days and some flashes in which they were able to show what they were really capable of were not enough to avoid him from the bottom of the standings.

PSG Talon are beaten first by the EGs and then suffer the final blow from the immense RNGs. For them perhaps the defeat is more bitter than the SGB but in the end, as their tweets show, they expected it a bit (The cartoon of the EGs who give them the return ticket came out practically immediately after the explosion of the their nexus).

They weren’t the worst of the MSI as confirmed by the ranking but they could have done better and those 3 victories proved it (2 of these against the G2, of which the first is the one that started the loss streak of the European team).

The G2s who start off on the wrong foot and start day 5 with a defeat against the SGB and a series of cartoons where they ask (nicely) Riot to change the format of the Rumble Stage, counting only the initial two days (where they won 4 games on 4). They make up against the EG, later, returning to being simply the G2 they were before the defeat with PSG Talon and thus interrupting the 5-game loss streak, finally.

The EGs have proven to be up to this MSI: they start badly and then recover by snatching points even against Faker’s T1s. Their game is perhaps among the funniest seen during the event even if not as clean as that of T1 and RNG. On this 5th day they win against PSG and lose against G2, ending up sharing 3rd place with the latter.

The T1s proved to be worthy of their second place and only in the last game of the day perhaps they deserve something more with a game played flawlessly. If the RNG have a reason to worry, it is certainly them and the “risk” of meeting again in the final is high.

The RNGs are simply the “strongest” or at least they were until today. They had shown that they could be defeated already on day 1 against G2 and today, perhaps resting a little too comfortably on their laurels, they find themselves collecting a second defeat after the clear victory against PSG Talon.

Rumble Stage final standings

  • RNG: 8 V – 2 S.
  • T1 : 7V-3S.
  • EG e G2 : 5 V – 5 S.
  • PSG: 3 V – 7 S.
  • SGB: 2 V – 8 S.
  • Who will compete in the semifinals?

    The semifinals will see on the one hand the RNG, who will soon choose a team between EG and G2 to challenge. The T1s will challenge the team “rejected” by the Royals. According to fans we will see:
    RNG vs EG & T1 vs G2. What do the reading public think? Will the Royals really choose EG? We just have to wait for confirmation on Riot Games’ social channels.


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