In the past few hours, some interesting news have concerned two of the most important platforms dedicated (also) to video streaming, with particular reference to YouTube and Netflix.
Multimedia news for YouTube (Shorts) and Netflix (Apple share)

In addition to WhatsApp, some of the main streaming multimedia apps also offered news for the upcoming Easter weekend, with YouTube focusing on improving the user experience of its Shorts, both for those who create them and for those who it benefits from them, and with Netflix which has published news that is decidedly high by Apple.

The first multimedia news in this week’s queue concerns YouTube. In particular, the flagship of Google streaming has announced a series of innovations involving creative short videos, in the style of TikTok, us as “Shorts“. Borrowing from what has been done with the audio Remix function, introduced last year, a novelty has been announced, in roll-out on iOS in the coming weeks and by the end of the year also on Android, which will allow you to create Remixes of all the videos present. on the platform (unless, from the YouTube Studio settings, the uploader of the same does not provide otherwise, disabling the remixability of their “creatures”).

To take advantage of this novelty, you can tap the “Create” button at the bottom of the videos, choose the “Cut” option and proceed to select a fraction, lasting 5 seconds, to be included in your creation. remixing, as also underlines Engadget, will “automatically carry the attribution of the original” (in order to “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”): the same conclusion can also be reached by passing from the pop-up menu that is revealed by touching the 3 dots icon. In favor of the Creators, but always in relation to the Shorts, there will also be a second novelty that only apparently may seem of minor importance, given that it will concretely help them find new audiences for their Shorts: out of metaphor, it is about the possibility, first present only on the mobile side, to be able to watch (in the coming weeks) the Shorts also on the tablet and web based version of YouTube.

There were also some important improvements from Netflix. It starts with news at Apple’s share, with the 2.1.23 release for Apple TV which now supports the new advanced Siri Remote, launched at the same time as last year’s Apple TV 4K. In addition, with the same release, the streaming of the big N now supports the tvOS 15 operating system player, with larger fonts in the lower left for the content being played, a new button for info (which, when pressed, leads to the details on what is playing as well as providing shortcuts for example to switch to another episode or to restart the one you are watching), and a size reduction for the characters of the writing which, at the top, highlights the title of the series from which it is I treat the episode you are watching.

Netflix has also published the “best practices” that must be followed when shooting original content. In this case, it is specified that it is necessary to use approved 4K video cameras (e.g. Sony, Red, Panasonic, Panavision, Canon models) that have specifications such as acquisition in RAW format, a true 4K / UHD sensor, management of metadata. , support for particular color spaces, etc. There are exceptions, perhaps for action scenes, underwater ones, etc, in which it is also possible to use unauthorized cameras and, among these, there are iPhones, from 12 onwards (eg the 3 base and top ones).


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