Multimodal artificial intelligence, what it is and what it is for

Artificial intelligence it is a continuously evolving technology, a tool that in the space of a few years has made giant strides, reaching monopolize all sectors of technologycompletely overturning the rules of the game.

Among the new products on the market, multimodal artificial intelligencea “new” AI idea that thanks to some well-known names in the sector (such as Google e OpenAI, for example) is spreading like wildfire. Let’s find out what it is and how it works.

What is multimodal artificial intelligence

Multimodal artificial intelligence

The term multimodal indicates a type of AI that can be used in different ways and contextswith the possibility of access different inputs (obviously to be used both for training and for questioning by users) thus proposing to users answers in various formsfrom simple textual content up to multimedia files, such as video, audio or images.

Current chatbots, for example, accept textual input and always give the user output in the form of text.

And’Multimodal AIhowever, is capable of accept and return more types of information to the userwith the possibility, for example, of starting from a textual description to ask the AI ​​to generate a photo or video.

A multimodal AI is able to work on different inputs to return to the user responses and information of various kinds ranging from simple texts up to very elaborate multimedia files

In this sense the potential of this technology they are practically infinite and those who use it will only have to imagine something, which will then be created by the tool in question in the ways and forms defined by the user himself.

This, clearly, can have even greater repercussions on the sector with the possibility of reorient the uses of this technology towards other purposes, such as the artfor example, il cinema, entertainment video game, the music and much more.

The situation regarding effectiveness is very different creativity of the AI ​​and on value of what he creates but, undoubtedly, it is a functional change for the purpose and ready to rethink the final use of these tools.

The potential of multimodal AI

Artificial intelligence

Multimodal artificial intelligence represents the natural evolution of the current ones AI technologieswhich for a few years now have practically become part of everyone’s life.

However, being an improved version of the “old” technological model, it is clear that the practical applications are much broader and able to guarantee a even more efficient operation.

As already mentioned, starting from such a system and a “simple” textual input it is possible to create anything, from video at Photothat’s all without having the slightest knowledge on the subject of digital graphics, you just need to know how to write what you need with a simple and meaningful sentence.

The future developments of multimodal AI are truly interesting and, already today, clearly show what will be the evolution of a tool ready to revolutionize the world of industry and technology

In addition to this, multimodal technologies could become part of the world very soon basic functions of our smartphonesamplifying disproportionately the potential of virtual assistants which could be able to make full use of all the various components of the device (cameras, sensors etc.) to carry out any type of activity or request from users.

In short, future applications could be enormous and could naturally concern all production sectors from industry until you get to medical sectorthat of entertainment e of productivity at all levels.

Therefore, according to many experts in the sector, multimodal artificial intelligence could represent the next step in the evolution of these technologies and, given the understanding of such a high quantity of data and inputs, even reach meaningful conclusions to give coherent answers to the biggest problems of the universe.

Without too many minces, in short, such a technology could be the closest thing to emulate the human brain and its modes of operation and this, of course, could also have a decisive impact on the evolution of man.

Leading multimodal AIs on the market

Google Bard

Among the main multimodal intelligences on the market there is, of course, Google Gemini one of the most interesting and most anticipated products of this 2024, which is ready to revolutionize the use of AI models in every context, from industrial systems up to the most modest solutions to be applied to the future smartphone Android.

At the moment this technology is still in the hands of testers and developers but users can try a “rudimentary” version by accessing the services Google Bard which despite still being in the experimental phase are already quite efficient.

Alongside Gemini, there is obviously ChatGPT-4V (with the V standing for Vision). The multimodal version of the product of OpenAI It is currently only available to users ChatGPT Plus at a cost of $20 a month.

Here too there is a lot of potential, clearly ChatGPT is a product that needs no introduction and already in the chatbot version it is very high performing and is considered one of the most representative technologies in the world of artificial intelligence.

Naturally these are not the only multimodal AI models ready to arrive on the market and on the web there are many rumors about tools of this kind arriving on the market: such as the Apple which should characterize the next ones iPhone coming out this year and the new version of iOS.

In short, we’re talking about a rapidly expanding context which within a few months (a year at most) could become there maximum expression of the potential of artificial intelligence.

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