MyHow2do, what it is and how the application works

MyHow2do and the app free which allows subscribers to manage their users in full autonomy, contact customer service and use all the features offered by How2do.

It is available for both devices Android (from version 5.0 and later) and for those with an operating system iOS (from version 10 and later) and can be easily downloaded from your reference store.

As mentioned at the beginning, MyHow2do does not It has no purchase cost and activation, and the download and use of the app are subject to the same consumption expected by your landline or mobile user.

Let’s find out more about it.

  • 1. How to access the MyHow2do app

    After downloading the MyHow2do app from your local store you can use it credentials sent by the supplier to access your reserved area and start using all the features within it.

    For users who use a SIM or one e.gby How2do you can access the application without the need to enter a username or password.

    Upon first login, the user will be asked to allow use biometric recognition To simplify the use of the application, to consent simply choose the recognition mode (fingerprint or Face ID) and enter your credentials to enable the new setting.

    Finally, for users who use smartphones with Android operating system it’s possible to use Smart Lock PassGoogle’s “safe” for saving your login data, which allows you to save your credentials and access the MyHow2do application without the need to enter your username and password every time.

  • 2. The features of the MyHow2do app

    There are many features of the MyHow2do app developed specifically to make How2do customer service intuitive and increasingly close to the needs of subscribers.

    Thanks to the application, first of all, you can view all the information about your userwith the possibility of precisely controlling the active offers (both on the home line and on the mobile network) and all Subscription information signed.

    Furthermore, it is also a comfortable and intuitive system for control consumption and the extra expenses of your tariff plan, to never have bad surprises on the bill (for home subscription) and never stay without credit (in the case of a SIM or eSIM with a rechargeable offer).

    For the mobile network, via the application it is also possible top up the SIM/eSIM (in the case of a rechargeable offer) or give a top-up as a gift to another How2do user.

    In the case of a line with debit from the bank account you can view the invoices pay, pay any bills unpaid by credit card, change the billing method (from paper to electronic and possibly change your email address).

    Furthermore, via the MyHow2do app you can have direct access to How2do customer care and receive assistance to check the progress of the works for a new user or manage requests and reports of any kind, choosing to speak to an operator via chat or via the section with most frequently asked questions. You can also open reports for any problems and request, if necessary, the intervention of a technician for the home line.

    Interesting to mention the section My requests where the user will be able to see all the reports made to Customer care through the various contact channels available and check the progress of the work of the requested operation.

    In the section FASTWEBUP you can always stay updated on award and on ongoing initiativesview the offers dedicated to your users and, even, look for the nearest point of sale to speak in person with one of How2do’s customer care staff.

    Finally, it is always possible via the application manage and configure your WiFi network remotely, simply using the tablet or smartphone from which you logged in. With this system you can also access the modem or any signal extenders, at any time and wherever you are, as we will see in the next paragraph.

  • 3. MyHow2do, how the For You section works

    Among the most interesting innovations of the MyHow2do app is the new one For you sectionwhich allows you to fully discover the world of How2do and learn more dedicated offers and initiatives to its users and, naturally, reserved for customers.

    From here you can access the vast ecosystem of services and solutions offered by How2do which allow subscribers to participate in the company’s free training courses. How2do Digital Academy or to try the new digital experiences of STEP FuturAbility District.

    In addition to this, the new section also allows you to use i telemedicine servicesthe insurance and much more and all fully can be integrated into your subscriptionso that it can be managed 360° by users in complete freedom, going well beyond the “simple” idea of ​​a telephone company.

    An innovative section developed specifically to bring the company closer to users and their needs, not only in terms of telephony, but also for all those other tasks that may arise in everyday life.

  • 4. Configure NeXXt and Booster via MyHow2do App

    The use of the MyHow2do app deserves a separate discussion pair and configure one or more Booster WiFi to be added to modem NeXXt, per Strengthen your home network signal.

    To do this, just open the application, tap on Extend your network and finally up Install and position your NeXXt Booster.

    Once this is done, it is necessary to identify the point where the booster is to be installed, which must be positioned approximately a halfway between the modem and the part of the house not covered by WiFi and for which, in fact, there is a need to extend the signal.

    Once you find the best location, that’s it connect the Booster to a power outlet and scan via the MyHow2do app QR Code placed under the device to extend the connection and the pairing will take place automatically.

    If the operation was successful, the LED on the Booster will turn on biancoFlashing for a few minutes until it becomes solid white, if the chosen position is optimal for receiving the signal from the NeXXt modem.

    If the led it does not turn solid whitethe connection was successful but the chosen point does not receive the signal optimally and it is advisable to move it closer to the modem or request other Boosters to amplify the coverage.

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