Netflix: a new game is coming in April, a new development studio acquired

After a very short break, Netflix returns to dealing with video games, acquiring an additional developer house, and proposing for April the offer of a new free video game without in-app purchases in its list.
Netflix: a new game is coming in April, a new development studio acquired

Usually, we tend to talk about Netflix in terms of new film releases or TV series, often even original and appreciated, as demonstrated by the various awards recently conferred to the latest animated production of the famous platform, “The Mitchells against the machines”. For some time, however, the company of co-CEO Reed Hastings has also been involved in video games, thanks to the Netflix Games initiative, now enriched with a new title, but also a new development studio.

It has not been long since Netflix confirmed a new batch of video games in its catalog, reserved at no additional cost to its subscribers who, from the Play Store or the App Store, can download games, about fifteen to date, without them. the latter have in-app purchases or advertisements. To the titles already made available, as seen still few, another one is preparing to be added, made by the Brazilian development studio Rogue Snail, known for having also created Chroma Squad and Star Vikings.

In the specific case of the collaboration with Netflix, Rogue Snail has provided the title “Relic Hunters Rebels”: it is, albeit with role-playing influences, a shooter in which three treasure hunters, Pinky, Jimmy, Raf and Ace, Aside the divisions of their clans, they will have to fight the ferocious Emperor Duncan, defeating various enemies, assembling and upgrading weapons thanks to the objects found and collected, moving between various colorful levels with lively graphics.

At the moment, as the accompanying trailer of the announcement states, it is known only that the game will be included in the catalog during April, although it is not specified when. On the other hand, gaming lovers can console themselves with the growing commitment in the sector by Netflix which, from October to today, has already made three acquisitions of development studios, starting with Night School Studio (second half of September 2021), then followed precisely in March 2022 by the acquisition of Next Games, which – in the past few hours – was followed by that of Boss Fight Entertainment, known for having conceived Dungeon Boss, a role-playing strategy game with free-to-play distribution and asynchronous multiplayer dynamics.

According to what was communicated, the studio, operating from 3 offices in the States, will remain independent but, as part of Netflix’s initiative to offer video games without ads, will be able to “focus on creating delicious experiences without worrying about monetization”.


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