Netflix: Exploding Kittens animated series and videogames coming soon

A recent release provided by Netflix has made users aware of the upcoming arrival, in May, of a new video game, Exploding Kittens, which – in 2023 – will then be accompanied by an animated comedy series for adults, with the same title.
Netflix: Exploding Kittens animated series and videogames coming soon

Focused on multimedia, the Netflix platform carries out its activities in this sense not only in the production of films and TV series, but also in always making available new video games, granted to its subscribers for free, without advertising and in-app purchases, in practice. as a “bonus” for their registration. In the past few hours, several news, both in terms of productions and videogames, have concerned the great N co-directed by Reed Hastings.

According to what was made official via press release, in 2023 the animated comedy for adults “Exploding Kittens” will make its debut, whose synopsis refers to the fact that, curiously, both God and the Devil, have been invited to Earth, where they will materialize in body of large domestic cats.

Both Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, acclaimed for the animated comedy series King of the Hill, aired for 13 seasons since ’97, and Elan Lee and Matthew Inman (the latter known for the mobile videogame Kitty Letter and for the comic The Oatmeal).

Returning to the title Exploding Kittens, the reference is not accidental, because Netflix has announced that the same franchise will also be used for a new exclusive video game, precisely titled in the same way. Specifically, it will be a card game for Android and iOS which, compared to the existing one (and for a fee), will contain two exclusive cards at the debut: later, during the life cycle of the game, other cards will also arrive, or themed game mechanics, related to the above animated series.

Netflix then specified, through spokesman Tawni Argent, that the current Exploding Kittens video game will remain in the Android and iOS stores, but that any progress, saves and expansion packs held by the user in the original game cannot be transferred to the new version. Netflix license plate, as it will in fact be two distinct games. At the moment, no other details are known about the new Netflix video game, except that it should make its appearance next month, in May.


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